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We work on a referrals system, meaning that we only call people who have been referred to us by existing clients. If you wish for us not to contact you again, then we won’t. We pride ourselves on having the very best customer service in the industry, providing clients with a strong foundation in which to grow their wealth. For more information on the returns our clients regularly receive, please visit our press release section on our website.

Well having been contacted by deVere Group a number of times I decided to look into things for myself,

Now I live in France, I asked to stop recieving these calls, but they continued, a lady called Marge or maggie, not too sure on the name, it turns out they have an office in Spain!! From there they cold call you!!!

Now if I needed the advice I am sure that I am capable enough of finding the people to help me, in the country I live.

I would like to make you all aware of this.

That is how this so called world wide company makes its money!! Desperate or what!!

Stay away from this company.

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