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We deliver investments from some of the world’s largest investment houses which often deliver bank beating returns to our clients. Should you have any queries or concerns, please contact our customer service department who are always on hand to help.

Poor customer service. Did not deliver on their promises.

No advising. Staying away from problems after getting your money. Arrogant. No solutions.

Irresponsible and using people. Advisor had no clue about procedures and forms. Payments were delayed. My details were not passed on correctly in their system.

Advisor left and no replacement was offered as per the contract. Confused employees. Unreliable and very very unprofessional. PIC also works with them.

Do not trust them. They just want the money and then I found out all the funds they invested are under investigation. No replies to emails.

Too many people involved and ultimately noone knows what to do. very bad service

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Devere Group Cons: Service response.

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