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deVere takes all complaints very seriously and prides itself on providing a high-quality service, which is why we have a dedicated client relations team. The client’s complaint has been fully investigated and found to be without merit. The client is fully aware of this and has been advised of the local regulator he can go to if he is still dissatisfied with the conclusion.

In response to your email enquiring if DeVere have contacted me

De Vere have never contacted other that to sell more investments and the caller seemed to think I had taken 37,000 out of the account rather that the real 21,000 of which 15800 was A pcls

There has never been any contact prior to my complaint

I cannot withdraw any more ( over 5 quarters since last payment because the agent set the payment too high and the account will implode if I withdraw any more ) from the pension. one agent called to sell a qrops to my wife and in response to my problems said this is too complicated. ( email ) I have emails showing that the agent was aware that I wanted a PCLS but somehow the trustee did not get the instruction

The docs sent to my wife show a fact find doc making 2,version one official and not seen before August 2018) and signed by me and one hand written and not seen by me prior to 22 august 2017 De Vere have chosen to use the hand written one to reject my complaint and have ignored all the other entries on the hand written version

Product or Service Mentioned: Devere Group Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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