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Here is a "qualified" advisor who feels an outdated mortgage qualification is sufficient to provide complex financial advise about a pension transfer and investment planning.

He feels he is worth commission of £130,000 plus and his idea of flexibility is to invest via a portfolio bond which has hidden fees and commissions as well as exit fee penalties.

I would now question the logic of anyone undertaking a QROPs transfer, unless they are within 6 months of retirement and under very unique circumstances.

The argument concerning being able to pass your fund to a beneficiary.... why on earth do advisers in BKK not suggest life insurance instead (subject to underwriting).

The emails Toby Williams sent me show a very inexperienced and very very unqualified financial advisor.

I shall wait for the threats from the deVere legal department which will surely come..

Oh..... deVere also altered emails after they had been sent!

Some advice for potential deVere clients:

1. any investment should not have exit charges... if `00% of your fund is not available to you on day 2... walk away

2. check the funds being invested into.... deVere have this ability to charge you up to 7% for the portfolio bond PLUS up to 5% for each investment fund... which they will try to churn as often as possible.

3. deVere are NOT independent... you can not be independent when you earn from the client and the product provider

4. Toby Williams claims to be able to act as a discretionary investment manager... ask him to show he is qualified

5. He will claim to be regulated and licensed by the SEC... he is ... but NOT for pension transfer business..

Reason of review: Not as described.

I liked: Appalling.

I didn't like: Toby williams.

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Thats what they all are,unqualified ex Mars Bar salesmen,double glazing,car salesmen,convicted criminals,crack heads and smack heads.The testimonials I read on here just make me *** myself.I remember having a meeting with a devere guy who tried to baffle me with his qualifications,little did he realise that I haven't always been in my current industry and that I am indeed a fully paid up member of several legal,financial regulatory bodies both in the UK and overseas.Needless to say,I had to establish his credentials.It became apparent that his only association with UK banks was that he held a UK bank account and the rest was pure fiction.No qualifications in any form,either secondary school or further education and no history of working in the UK for any financial advice related company.I didn't respond to his follow up calls or emails,hoping that he would just give up and disappear,but no,this guy had been trained to hunt people down via devere's training methods.BIG MISTAKE,HUGE,MASSIVE,so I invited him back just to put his mind at ease.He walked through my office door with a spring in his step and a big smile on his face,however,he left my office fully aware that should I ever hear his name mentioned again I will turn over all his literature,recorded telephone conversations and *** promises to the relevant authorities and also pursue him on a personal level,the like of which he will never have experienced.As a parting gesture I also asked for sight of his employment...

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lies. what a *** review.


Can you contact me dagda-@live.co.uk

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