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Toby Williams of devere Bangkok has given me the run around for 2 years. I originally signed a 25 year Generali retirement policy with him after he did the hard sell on me. He did say we would have meetings every quarter, this failed to happen. My investments have gone down, he is too busy trying to earn more commissions with new clients.

I feel absolutely cheated, violated by his lies about how good the service would be. There hasn't been any just excuses. I've since found out he was selling houses in UK, has no prior financial services knowledge and lies about his past qualifications. This seems to be a common thread with devere staff.

I am going to move my investment to a smaller company where i feel i will get the service levels i expect.

My advice is don't touch dervere with a barge pole.

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Unfortunately I had a bad experience with Toby Williams. He sucked me in with his smooth talking bull,told me lies about his financial qualifications, how long he had been in financial services and what his previous employment was in the UK. I was contacted by a friend of his that works for a more reputable company in Bangkok now, he told me everything that goes on in Exchange Tower office, shocking would be an understatement.

Bangkok, Krung Thep, Thailand #616865

i have had several meetings with Toby williams from devere group, my investmenst ahve came through as promised better than i expected. We lead busy life so we do things by the internet and meet once a year. i am so confident i


I will say that the poor language and vitriol being spewed here only detracts from the facts.

1. DeVere has very high fees for its products.

2. All of those fees are charged up front in their Generali Products. If you decide to pull your money out after a year or two, you will be charged for fees for the life of the contract (In my case it would have been a 25 year contract, so 25 years of fees-which would take up all of your initial investment).

3. DeVere is not clear about this fee structure with their Generali products. To not spell this out is a HUGE omission and very unethical.

4. if you stay with them for the long haul, you will get some sort of return, but their fees are in the 1.5-2.5% range. If you look at the fees charged over the long term the cumulative fees will take up your initial capital. There are many better investments. Don't go with funds or products that charge over 1% for mutual funds.

5. All of the fee information is in the Devere prospectus, BUT it is buried in the language, and the limitations of these products is NOT clearly explained in the sales pitch. If I had not been warned about the pitfalls of this product, I too would have fallen victim. This type of investing caters to people who can be charmed by a salesman (referred by a friend) and who are too busy to pay close attention to their investments.

If you feel that you were scammed by DeVere in general and Toby Williams in particular, you...

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I know Toby Williams, he was a massive disappointment when he delt with my investments.Gave me misleading info.

He prints off valuations so when confronted by clients further down the line (more so the institutions) he can produce a valuation at a certain point in time. He doesn't visit clients or give back up & support, this is standard Devere practice, once they've had your money its see you later alligator.

Big fancy office at a strategic location, all the bells & whistles on their website...Do your research before you jump into bed with this lot, you owe it to yourself & your loved ones.


While i dont know T Williams personally , I do know DeVere personally as I worked for them, A bunch of unqualified, scam artists with zero ethic , and this is across the board , the Top management starting from Nigel Green are a bunch of shysters who will go to any lengths of lies to get your money out of you. The only qualifications theese people have is a masters degree in scamming and bull Shi**ing


Toby Williams, if you ask your bosses they might tell you that they lost the court case against pissed consumer


You work for a scamming company of unsuspecting proportions, you only have to search about Nigel Green, his various companies and see what they've been up to with their illegal activities.Been thrown out of numerous different countries for a variety of serious reasons, some of their staff being locked up.

You sell expensive front loaded products in an unregulated marketplace. You sell Nigel Greens funds which have little or no track record, abysmal springs to mind, why? Because you obtain higher commissions at the clients expense.Devere (you) sell your own insurance products, so please tell me how can this be Independent Financial Advice you're giving?

You say this post has been diluted down because it been reposted here 77 times, how can this be when PC delete a duplicate post, sounds like you live in another world, fairy tail world whereby you feel the need to be less than conservative with the true to somehow justify your actions.If you do have some of the qualifications you claim you would be far better off finding a decent company to work for my friend.


I have been highly reticent to respond to this post for fear of giving it credibility. DeVere is taking legal action against P*ssed Consumer but this is a slow process as we work through the US court system, especially given that in this instance the American system's staunch commitment to free speech makes enforced removal of libelous comments difficult. For this reason I wanted to give some response.

I can confirm that I have worked in the Financial Services industry in the UK and Thailand for the last 7 years working with deVere in Thailand for 5. I have a range of qualifications including full CeFA, CeMAP and CISI exams and am in the midst of studying for my Master's in Wealth Management once again with CISI.

In my role as Area Manager for DeVere Thailand I have had to let a number of employees go, who have not always felt that they deserved to be shown the door and have no doubt won clients in a great number of instances which competitors would have preferred for themselves.

I suspect that this has lead to this post and that those commenting on it hope to further their position by making such statements. Of course the anonymous and unaccountable nature of the Internet makes assessing the credibility of these authors impossible but in our industry sewing a seed of doubt is sometimes all that is required.

I have thoroughly investigated my client base in a bid to identify if the author of the original post was a legitimate complainant...

I actually take this post very personally. I take a great deal of pride in my work and the responsibility to actively manage my client’s investments for the life of that investment is one I take seriously.

In response to this post I now carry copies of my qualifications with me to all meetings and have gathered testimonials from many of my clients providing feedback from people within our community who have been extremely happy with the service I provide.

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This guy doesn't service his clients only rent boys he finds in soi 23.


Toby Williams is like a disease once you've had a meeting with him you can't get rid. His dopey halfwit side kick continually calls me to book the next meeting. javascript:ac_smilie(':cry')


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