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The deVere Group prides itself on offering industry standard training to all our consultants. Our fully qualified consultants are trained to listen to the needs of the client and then suggest suitable financial planning to help the client reach their financial goals. deVere completes a confidential questionnaire on each of its clients to ensure it finds the correct product for each specific client.
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I'm an Italian expat working for a famous oil firm in Paris. I would like to warn anyone thinking to do business with the devere group.I have been called by someone in my office saying that he was meeting lot of people in my company,( i first thought that it was a service offered by my company )and that I could meet an "advisor" ( salesman) for a financial consultancy for me to understand more about tax efficiency...bull *** , they know nothing about taxes here!!Well unfortunately , I agreed for an appointment , I say I unfortunately because it was the worst financial meeting I never had in my life.A British man came over my office and started giving me all the sales script: we are the best, we are the biggest, great service.. All the lot.It was stinking already , the worst was still to come . before starting his questionnaire he started asking me for introductions and saying that it was one of his condition for him to do business..( laugh)... I told him that he contacted and that i never requested his service so I wasn't giving him any names before to know more about his company . I am glad that I didn't introduce my friends to this scam and now I am warning my friends about them. His financial questionnaire was simply ridiculous and for someone that already had financial advisor (a real one) I could tell that the only objective was to take my money .Don't deal with them ... Best report them.

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