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The opportunity we offer to aspiring wealth consultants is tough but ultimately rewarding. Our comprehensive training programme ensures that all our advisers are fully qualified with internationally recognised qualifications. Our advisers are continuously developed to make sure that they are kept abreast of new financial opportunities that may benefit our clients.

I worked for Devere (financial 'co-ordinator'). Essentially the office consists of people from Skegness who used to work in 2nd hand car sales or something equally unqualified.

They promise you the world when you get a job with them. In reality you sit in an office full of arrogant *** and have to call companies claiming to be from 'expat magazine' or something equally as ridiculous in an attempt to source names to then cold call and pitch financial services products to. Names are either sourced this way or Via linked in. Either way you are given no training on products or services.

Simply pressured into 'selling' by under qualified managers. Toby Williams is one of the area managers, he screws expats over then uses the money to spend on projects like his latest - 'The mansion' bangkok nightclub. The others invest in 'Levels' on Soi 11. Invest with them if you wish, just remember the fees are ridiculous and the 'consultants' don't have a clue what they're talking about.

If you're *** enough to say yes then I wish you the best of luck, you're better off buying lottery tickets though.

I would advise you don't invest with them, and if you are tempted by a job offer from them, don't bother. Unless you're from skegness of course...

Location: Bangkok, Krung Thep

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Anyone hear of Bernie Madoff, ripped off his friends & investors in billions, gotta do your due diligence before giving your money to complete strangers. Go with recommendations from your most trusted friends/relatives but also check past history/performance.

Don't trust anyone with your hard earned money unless you are 100% sure and even then, don't go all in until promised/expected results materialize.


I totally agree James. Great point made there :)


Apparently they have beeen closed down for 6 months....something to do with regulations and apparently all the **** scam artists are now worried lol


i heard Toby Williams was arrested in UK for stealing old ladies washing off their laundry line??


Buddy of mine today also told me the same. They must have closed down like you said with the regulators and also he was saying they may come up with a company name.

Not sure if so but yeah hope those *** faces leave and also stop scamming people. We work too hard for our money don't let it go


The Thai SEC has published an Investor Alert about deVere in Thailand. deVere Group" and "deVere & Partners (Thailand) Limited" and the website "" are all specifically listed by the Thai SEC, with this text:

"Investor Alert - In response to a number of tips and complaints about fraudulent solicitation of unauthorized securities and derivative business by which many of investors has been victimized, the SEC wishes to notify that legitimate businesses are required to receive license to undertake securities business or registered as securities business under the Securities and Exchange Act of 1992 and derivatives business under the Derivatives Act of 2003.

List of licensed business can be found at

To provide investors with information useful for making prudent decision before using investment services, the SEC has prepared a list of unlicensed or unregistered business from the traces and complaints received from investors and will keep the list update. In some cases, the name of unlicensed business may bear resemblance or possess similarity to one another; however, they may be or may be not related.

If you have enquiries about investment in securities and derivatives products or related services, please feel free to contact the SEC at 0 2263 **** or complain@*** In case of investment that likely to be a fraud or embezzlement with characteristics similar to Ponzi scheme and loan shark, investors may contact or report to Financial Crime Call Center 1359, Ministry of Finance."

Here's the link to the Thai SEC's website:


What a b***** made up post...I have heard the original author of the full comment "I worked for deVere" was fired because he was useless and can't even keep a job for more than a few months. Regarding the SEC website what a load of old nonsense I checked it out there's nothing there. I am a client of theirs as of one year and I'm happy and making money (although lost some recently) but that's the investment game.


Trev1966 You obviously did not check the link, or you are lying. Or perhaps you work for deVere or are paid by them to write such rubbish?

Why not call the Thai SEC directly if you have some doubt?

deVere is operating illegally in Thailand. No question about that!


How about a gourmet dinner with some interesting financial opportunities on the side?

deVere Group Thailand is happy to invite you to an exclusive dinner at the award-winning restaurant Enoteca Italiana in Sukhumvit soi 27. The event is complimentary so this is a perfect opportunity to speak to the best in the industry regarding any aspects of finance and your long term financial prosperity.

The invitation is for two people so this is also a good opportunity to bring along any friend or colleague you believe may benefit from such information.

The moderator for the evening is Dr.

Richard Johnsson of the deVere Group in Thailand who will be accompanied by Mr. Idris Asghar and Mr. David Dunn.


RSVP: Register now by sending an email to arjun.bapat@*** no later than July 30th.

Name and mobile number required. NB! Limited number of seats, so register today. The Team About Dr.

Johnsson Richard received a Ph.D. in economics from Uppsala University in Sweden, but has also studied at Sydney U, Innsbruck U and Oxford U. He has spent the last decade in the wealth management industry in client facing roles, as a CEO in China and as a private banking executive in Sweden. Richard lives in Bangkok with his wife Jessica and three sons, Dante, Hector and Leon.

You can see his LinkedIn profile at About Idris Idris has been in the finance industry for the best part of a decade, working as a corporate manager at HSBC HQ in London. He joined deVere Group in 2014 to help expand operations and apply his expertise in working with multinational corporations and specializes in asset management and investment portfolios. Idris now lives in Bangkok and manages a client base across Thailand and Myanmar.

You can see his LinkedIn profile at About David David has a background as a Professional Engineer and has worked for Fortune 500 companies in North America. He has assisted individuals in personal finance and investing for over 20 years. He joined the deVere Group in 2013 to continue to help people grow their personal wealth and reach their financial goals. He is currently taking on new clients.

David lives in Bangkok with his wife Elaine and has 4 daughters, Aria, Mairi, Hannah and Julia. You can see his LinkedIn profile at Kind Regards, Arjun Bapat BA (Hons), ACSI Financial Coordinator, Mob: +66 8* *** **** / Tel: +66 2260 ****-36 | Fax: +66 2260 ****


James the guy who you will meet as Dr is Richard Johnsson. Swedish guy.

He is a very lovely and also honest guy. He knows his finances very very well and one of the best advisors I have seen. Go see him and see how you feel.

But others than that the rest are a bunch of *** and *** mans. Stick with Richard and let me know how your meeting went.


Thx for the advice, however, I'll stick with my current financial planner & hotel property investments (accruing 8% & 10% annually on different hotels)


Who in their right mind would invest their money with a company over a phone call, I received numerous phone calls from them, each time telling them I was fully invested but they persisted.

Finally I gave him and scheduled an appointment in their Exchange Square office located by Soi 23. The person I was suppose to meet had a "Dr." in his title, lol

I didn't so up


I worked with them for 3 months as a consultant. Was nothing but horrible.

They were arrogant. I'm Canadian/Belgium so I cannot say much about Skegness as I am not british. But I did work in their office in Bangkok and they are nothing but *** artist. They are more into social than getting customers and also the consultants the training they need.

They are total bunch of fakes and crooks. Craig Massey was one of the biggest *** I have ever came across in my entire life. I never seen someone so arrogant and also very *** He is a coordinator and acts like he is a area manager. Rude to people on the phones as well.

If it was my own business I fire his ***.Dont get me wrong they were some really lovely and kind people there at the same time too.

I got along with a few people there but the rest like Kyle and all bunch of CROOKS from your co called Skegness. I dont deal or associate with people like that.


Sounds to me like you're a loser and a failure; too afraid of a little hard work. From what I know you'd still be there if you weren't.

You're appalling attitude is why you won't do well in life how pathetic is it that you have to go on am internet site amd smear a company because you didn't fit in. I'm here because I'm thinking about going for an interview with them. Also, two of my friends have successful portfolios and they are the reason I was put in touch. And a message to James (you dumb ***) how do you think your current financial adviser got his first clients?

Do you think he/she never made a call. Good luck with you failed property investments.


Bren, best of luck in the interview. If I was you dont talk too soon

maybe you might fail your self and maybe you will do the same.

I dont know and

you dont know so just keep it shut until you do the job and maybe you might fail

or succeed. Hopefully you will do just great. Learn as much as you can. If you fail

like your saying to Bananaboy here we will laugh at you and you will be embarrassed.

You will feel silly and saying you guys are right. You have a point. But James financial planner maybe he met at a event or through his friends. Not always cold calling.

And james best of luck with your property investments you will be very successful and I was in that sector my self. Great fun and returns.


James may have met his financial adviser at an event but you are missing the point. The business models are the same for every company.

His financial adviser must have made cold calls at some point to grow his business. Everyone in the world is selling something and if you don't believe that you are naive. It doesn't mean that what they are selling isn't great or there is mal intent and lets be honest you need to approach people when it comes to finance. Who wakes up and goes "Ooooh after I have done the shopping I must go out and buy a pension?" The fact James assumes it's bad news because he was cold called is a common misconception.

Perhaps harsh to not wish James well. James good luck!


Sorry about your bad experience at that company. You should not bad mouth

but I understand the feeling if they are not treating you right.

Take the positives and

move on. Learn from them makes you stronger in your path ahead. Best of luck and lots

of success ahead.

At least you made some nice friends which is great. But keep to your self

in future.


Craig Massy

Toby Williams

Kyle Salmons

Adam Clark

Ian MacKintyre

There are many other scam artists working out of severe Bangkok. Please do yourself a favour, DO NOT INVEST THROUGH THESE 8ASTARDS!!!


Good point JockStrapper,

Many more guys to avoid if you can. They are poison and also

if you invest with them kiss your money good by.

Alot of investors

will never see the money again. If i was anybody i will close these bastards

out and help get back those poor investors money. They are crooks and also

very dishonest bunch of bullies. I would put an end to them as well.

Plus just to let you know 70 percent of the guys are illegal workers plus a friend told me they charge 70,000 baht for work permit and its at 8,000 baht not more for a work permit. *** they are and stay well clear of those ***


Unfortunately these lot really are a bunch of conning b******rds. Due to the lack of a need for financial qualifications, and the lack of enforcement by domestic authorities in jurisdictions like philipines, indonesia, thailand etc 90% of those that work there have no qualifications and no real understanding of the financial system or care for their clients wellbeing.

The life assurance linked investments that they peddle all pay huge upfront commissions and what most investors dont realise is that they can only get to there initial 18 months investment at the end of there 25 year plan or similar.

They all peddle 25 year plans because of the huge commissions, which will cost you money unless you see it out till the end. A 5 year plan is a much better option in all cases but they keep this quiet as it does not pay.

Much of the upper management were involved in boiler room scams in the late 90's early 2000's and know every trick in high pressure sales.

they treat staff like *** and bully and lie. They'll say that it is only those that fail that complain about them on websites like this. Infact they are a morally degenerate organisation who continually tell there staff that what they are doing is ok.

They say this over and over and start to believe there own lies.

its an absolute scandal that they've been allowed to operate for so long. kidding hard working expats with there sales patter.

it's about time someone exposed these crooks for what they really are.