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deVere Group are proud to have a truly global presence. We have offices in New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur and London to name but a few. Our London office is in Holborn with the address and contact details available on our website deVere Group offers driven individuals the chance to develop a successful career in international financial advice. The more you help people achieve their financial goals, the more successful you will become. We offer all recruits full comprehensive training gaining them a CISI qualification in wealth management.
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The following link was easily found with a simple search of a financial governing body (FSA) showing that this firm has been kicked out of the UK - hence why they are working from Malta! youve been ''SOLD'' the dream job over the phone from some uneducated *** based in Malta, I'd think twice before going to a group meeting for Nigel Green to further sell the job to you.

The person who I rang me up to try and ''Sell'' the job was called Stephanie Vidler (or so she said in her copy and paste standard follow-up email!) I remember my phone ringing whilst shopping and all I could hear was 100k a year job, tax free, everything was 'FANTASTIC'...telling me I would be earning ''OBSCENE AMOUNTS OF MONEY'' and, what really got me was she used the line ''The Whole Enchilada!"

At this point in the call I decided to play along with her. She was telling me id be on a minimum of 3500 pounds tax free per month, that with my strong sales experience in selling furniture then selling complex finanical packages would come 2nd nature! At this point in the call I was nearly in tears with laughter whilst walking passed the bread isle...I actually fell sorry for them guys cooked up in that office reading the same script ovvver and ovvvverr again to make a living.


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I have received an email from Daniel and also a call from a numnber that I did not recognise.The first telephone number was not recognised and then a telephone call from I gather a Malta number.

After reading this I will certainly not answer the call.

Thanks for the honesty on here guys.:grin


Suggestion: buy list of emails in the net, there are reasonably cheap and may help you to reach an incredible number of people in one hit.


To want to expose bad practice: send the link of this site and threads to everyone you know and ask them to keep sending forward...and just ask people to read and think twice before taking advise from anyone company listed in this site.


For fast read the UK FSA, and for few read view. Sorry for the typos :upset

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The comment from bollox is exactly that. The recruitment operation to which you refer now operates under forefront recruitment, while devere in the uk is properly registered with the fast under no 464494. If there is any doubt check the register yourself.

I am no fan of the company and they have a few that this site only contains comments from disgruntled ex-employes, mischievous competitors and the like. I know it doesn't but total rubbish like the comments shown below doesn't exactly destroy their argument does it.


Mate, anyone can open an office in central and have an FSA reg number without having to declare what they do specifically.The UK office doesnt really have any perpose apart from to interview people and deal with one or two investors.

If they brought their Dubai operations to the UK do u think they'd still be FSA approved?!?! *** NO! Nigel Green was on watch dog too for robbing people.

Youtube it.Enough said.

Essex, Iowa, United States #591076

I was ment to be going to a meeting at heathrow on friday....NO CHANCE!!!

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Not all financial advice requires the purchase of a product or investment. A lot of advice is based around the effective use of trusts and pensions' law, and tax.

Next time you meet an IFA, ask him/her about their hourly charge out rate for advice ( not commission from investing ) and make sure that he/she has professionally recognised qualifications in these respective fields and then check this with the institute concerned.

Avoid anyone who says that they are "internationally qualified", it usually means a low level exam paper. Avoid anyone that offers free advice or says that the customer does not need to worry about the commission as this is paid by the investment firm. Do not be fooled, this comes straight out of the money you invest and has a detrimental effect on your returns.

I am afraid banks are unlikely to have the calibre of adviser that most sophisticated investors need.

to IFA London, England, United Kingdom #603867

Agree with 95% of your post..However as a chartered financial adviser who has worked for a large ifa with one of the largest banks in the world ( although in fairness now no longer ifa due to rdr) to say that banks are unlikely to have the calibre of adviser is a bit of a sweeping statement.

Will a lot of firms truly be independent in the next 12/18 months?

Doubtful...8/10 of the uk's largest independent financial advisers have gone down the "restricted" route..With smaller firms likely to follow suit because of the increased regulatory charges.

There are a lot of advisers out there who aren't up to the job but as long as you are dealing with someone with either an advanced diploma or is chartered you should generally be ok as you would expect at least 5 years qualified experience in advising competently to achieve these qualifications

to Hmmm Paris, Ile-De-France, France #604122

With the greatest of respect to IFA and Hmm, you guys are living in a parallel universe. It seems to me that the majority of issues that are being discussed on forums like this relate to the quality of advice OUTSIDE the UK.

I accept your point that the completion of the Advanced Diploma is one of the accepted professional level advice qualifications. However, where do you think these guys tend to operate? I will tell you where, the UK !!!! So saying " long as you are dealing with someone with either an advanced diploma or is chartered you should generally be ok ... ", is just telling people to look out for something that they cannot have and is not really that helpful.

I have gone into a search engine and typed in a few key words ( Advanced Diploma holders use APFS or FPFS as titles) and , in nearly every case, I end up looking at UK advisers. I found a couple of exceptions in Dubai and Singapore, but that is of no use to most of us.


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