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We have successfully provided over 3,500 clients in Hong Kong with trusted financial planning services. We have an excellent relationship with our clients who have regularly reported that they are satisfied with the professional service and support we provide them with. It is true to say that a few consultants did leave us to start Taylor Brunswick. Whilst they were working there were mistakes made however, we have now rectified those issues and are pleased to confirm that our Hong Kong office is stronger than ever.
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Members of Devere have left to start up a new company. Same scam, same people, different name.

Beware. ManaginG partner Nick Smith ran The Devere Hong Kong office now runs Taylor Brunswick. Please watch out for these people, everything mentioned in previous complaints is true. Many unlicensed people are working at similar institutions.

Nick Smith saw the trouble of Devere hong kong coming so left to set up his own company.

He presided over 10years of mispractice at Devere and tries to distance himself from the firm he allowed to break many regulations. I hope you do not get conned by the same people.

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