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deVere Group purchased Oxford International Financial Management, for which Iyad Hayel previously worked, towards the end of 2015. Iyad Hayel does not work for deVere Group. Your issue with Iyad Hayel to which you refer started years before deVere Group acquired Oxford International Financial Management and, therefore, you would need to contact the previous owners and/or Iyad Hayel directly.
Amsterdam, North Holland
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Iyad Hayel scammed me out of £4350 two years ago Iyad its me Rebecca can you get in touch, please ASAP I haven't heard from you regarding my account that I singed up to so please refund me my money back contact me you know who I am you got my contact details.

After research I found out that Oxford International Financial Management which Iyad Hayel worked for has been sold to the dever group in which Iyad Hayel still work for.

Devere group must investigate and look into this I need an answer and my money back.

Stay away of this lying conman.

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Madrid, Madrid, Spain #1119659

My portfolio is performing badly not happy false promises from Iyad Hayel.

Dublin, Dublin, Ireland #1119381

Stay clear of this lying conman I lost a lot of money in my investment when I transferred my pension.


Stay clear of this lying conman I lost a lot of money in my investment when I transferred my pension.

Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany #1119352

Do not do go near Iyad Hayel his full of S****T unless you want to lose your money.


I lost £9846 stay away avoid.


We've been approached by Iyad Hayel we agreed to to take out what he call a risk free investment plan however to qualify for these type of plan, we need to pay a deposit for $3000 we foolishly paid the deposit cash in hand, which he promised it would get credited back into our risk free investment plan so far we haven't seen any proof of that.

Manchester, England, United Kingdom #1119303

I met a Iyad Hayel from Qatar Broker International when I worked in Qatar for 3 years. Iyad Hayel gained my trust and sold me what I have consequently discovered were 'toxic' products that are no longer available in the UK because they are scams.

I have ended up losing approx 70k GBP.

I am not a disgruntled ex-employee.. or a competitor just a regular guy who was ripped off by Iyad Hayel.


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