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We take customer service very seriously and suggest that you speak to our customer service department to express your concerns. We recognise that each client has their own unique requirements, which is why our fully qualified financial advisers ensure that each client receives their own, bespoke financial strategy to enable them to achieve their goals.
Shanghai, Shanghai

DeVere I was recommended to by a friend, and initially I was very happy with the service. However, when my financial advisor left I was palmed off onto 4 very disinterested advisers in Shanghai.

All the subsequent advisors I got only wanted to sell me more product to get their commission and were not interested in managing my existing account. This is a major problem with the commission is paid in advance to the "selling" advisor. To date I have been left stranded by deVere, with my now substantial investment floating. My opinion is this advisory firm does not care about its clients after a product has been sold.

Also many of its advisors seem inexperienced and only want to sell products for commission rather than speak to "real" investment strategies and professionally managing your funds. Treat deVere with extreme caution.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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