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For anyone that has an interest in such matters, this article may be of interest. Mr Lodge has been mentioned on a few forums and so this article caught my eye in the office as I was having my lunch.

On the positives, it is good to see that there may be an emphasis on getting well- qualified advisers from the UK to join. That would certainly be a breath of much needed fresh air.

I have never heard of Fund Managers or the trade association which seems to represent them and only post this for comment- This is not a complaint 'devere opinions at - FINANCE-Banks}-lodge

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Hi everyone, i myself have worked for Devere before, and there are some fantastic financial advisers, and yes admittedly not all qualified but that question should be asked by the client before signing up and as we all know, experience is more useful than someone just with a piece of paper. Nevertheless Mr. Lodge knows all too well that if he where to set up a company it would be *** to do a devere number 2 so i'm all for all ifa's being qualified and not selling until they are and heard through the grapevine that they are being accredited (not paid for) CISI training platform...and from mr green's outrage at an ex employee trying to compete with him, it's doubtful that they have a hand in it, unlike AES International who have bought a company name called Prestige Wealth Manager run by an unqualified mr steven pile!


This story is run by 'International adviser' an international financial press that no longer has any credibility, as most of its 'panel' of expert contributors, are now made up of unregulated sales firm directors. You know the guys: selling unregulated products that pay substantial up front commissions.

Mike Coady

Tim searle

Sam Instone

Mark Rawson

David Howell

Sean Kelleher

They all have companies selling those lovely mega commission paying policies and have commission only salespeople flogging it day in day out.


I'm not saying this is the case....but is this another little trick Mr Nigel Green has done before. Buy into another firm because, his ex-senior managers are in the poo and cant work for devere anymore. So, do devere now own a piece of fund advisers I wonder?


this an opinion and not a complaint...

if you look at the profiles of the two directors named in the piece, and couple this with the rumours that one Simon Pratt is joining forces with Mr Lodge in the UAE, then this could be a massive retrograde step for the industry. there are also rumours of high levels of commission being paid to attract advisers from other parts of the industry.....

i sincerely hope i am wrong but lots of leopards do need to change their spots....


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