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Thank you for your comments. As Nigel Green always says, you will find positive and negative about anything online. If you look for ‘drugs are good for you’ you will find some information, if you look for ‘drugs are bad for you’ you will again find some information. So online reviews should never be taken literally as people have different perceptions about the same things. To speak to a deVere financial adviser today, please visit
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

There is much stuff posted online by 'Anonymous' people. If they won't put there name to it, don't believe it.

I don't work for deVere (although I am happy to say I did a few years ago) and have no vested interest in posting this other than not liking the idea of having someone's name dragged through the mud for no valid reason. I have known Simon for 5 years and ALL the stuff I have read about him on this website is rubbish.

Frankly speaking this whole website is rubbish. People get to write what they want with complete anonymity and no checking of facts whatsoever. If it was the printed press they would have been sued so many times they would be out of business.

Apparently however it is OK to slander people anonymously on this site and the law protects the poster, not the victim. Go USA.

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Don't believe the hype? It's very hard not too when there is so much negative stuff posted about deVere, Nigel Green and his merry men. Most of this is all factual information from what I can see.

If this is all 8ullshit, why doesn't Mr Pratt take a trip to Hong Kong and photograph himself with the Hong Kong Tax Authorities whilst holding a dated newspaper, after disclosing to them who he is?

Mr Pratt ran a deVere office from HK, this is common knowledge my friend.

is it not the case that the HK Tax Authorities held an investigation into devere/Mr Pratt and all the financial affairs of such whilst residing and operating a highly lucrative IFA Brokerage out of Hong Kong? After giving some deVere consultants amnesty, now the authorities want to speak to Mr Pratt but strangely he disappeared across the other side of the world.

one would imagine this was purely coincidental and had nothing to do with tax inspectors wanting to 'feel his collar'. :cry


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