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deVere Group are committed to offering trusted and secure financial advice. As part of our on-going commitment to offer a truly global service, we are delighted to be establishing a presence in the Cayman Islands. With all the correct licenses in place, deVere will continue to be one of the most regulated IFA’s in the world. Simon Pratt has no outstanding tax issues in Hong Kong or anywhere else for that matter. Simon Pratt is a respected member of the financial world with over 20 years providing excellent financial advice.
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The deVere Group, the world Scammers in international financial consultancy, were delighted to announce that it is to establish a new regional presence in the Cayman Islands and is days away from opening its doors to prospective clients living in the region. Be warned if you are a British expat with lots of money...

It seems Nigel Green and Simon Pratt are best buddies again, even though Simon Pratt is currently being hunted by Hong Kong authorities for unpaid tax bills.

Simon Pratt hot footed it to Canada because they have no extradition treaty with the chinks. He had to lay low for a year or two until the dust settled but yes folks he's now back in the fold!

Interestingly though, looking at Cayman Islands this place is strategically place along a major cocaine route (I did hear the boys were a little partial).

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Cayman Islands Department of Environment says "We are lucky enough here in the Cayman Islands to have a variety of shark species, some of which reside here full time and some of which are transient – passing by on migratory routes seasonally." :grin

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