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Unfortunately, competitors post anonymous blogs promoting false information about us. If you are in any doubt that we are a legitimate company, then why not pop into any one of our global offices to see for yourself. We run a very successful recruitment programme, if you have what it takes, then you could become part of the world’s leading and most regulated IFA. Visit our website to find out more.
Cape Town, Western Cape
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I was recently phoned by a "headhunter" form this organisation who asked to meet with me (having seen my details on a job search website) and I agreed to. I then did some research, including this site and decided not to.

It was for the deVere Cape Town office and he said a consultant there had earned GBP 75, 000 the previous year! There are probably a handful of people in SA who earn that sort of cash and let me tell you, a financial consultant will never be one. Big promises? Lies?

Didn't go to the interview!! If they start with lies, where will it end?

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You would earn more money working at McDonalds and do less hours. I have a friend who worked for them in Asia, he was scammed by them.

He transferred his own pension which they said they wold pay him the commissions on, they kept all the money!!

That's devere for you. Run by ex ***'s.


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