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I know that they are a legit company and offer some good products, but what has happened to them they seem to be having problems with the Thai SEC they say its the whole industry but i haven't seen any other advisories having to change their names or being told to stop trading? I am a client of theirs in Hong Kong but now live in Thailand and it's worrying me.

Is my money Safe????? I heard they have been having having the same Problem in South Africa, Malaysia, They were Kicked out of Singapore. The SEC Thai or not don't just make a company stop trading or no reason do they??? and i see they are now still trading under Broadgate sure if there is something wrong they should not be allowed just open up shot under another name?

I know that they ave a bit of a bad rep but for me they did ok.

just now worried if i should take my money out or move it with someone else. any advice???

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I knew someone who worked for Devere. Sounds like they knew nothing and just sell anything they can to get their commission. They were laughing about the fools they had taken money from.


deVere are an locally regulated company that operate illegally and ripp off customers so that the CEO, Nigel Green, can make a quick buck. They *** on the employees and on their customers.

I apprecciate these are the words on someone anonymous and so how credible can they be? Therefore I have included news links below. Feel free to peruse and see for yourself the regulatory action taking place in many countries and the lawsuits they are facing.

This is probably on 1% of the problems they are facing from having operated illegal and stollen millions of pounds worth of hard earned customer pension money and savings.


deVere owned Broadgate advisory.

SEC said everyone needed to be lisenced (hence why all the other companies are no longer operating in Thailand (Infinity/Global Eye/Platinum).

deVere already HAVE A LICENSE under Broadgate, so they simply re-branded.

Nothing 'suss' or 'dodgy' going on.

I have my pension with them and they still get in touch with me whenever I need to.


devere is illegal in many jurisdictions now.wait for the "spin" that the devere PR machine will put on it now though.It surprises me that there isn't a global embargo on devere from the institutions that handle their clients money!!!surely the fat cats realise when business is dodgy and its only a matter of time before the big institutions get nailed for doing business with devere.


I also was a client in hongkong and just seen and article in the south china morning post that in the last few months Devere has also been shut down in Hongkong. It seems like they are having serious problems!!!!

I have changed advisors and they said the money is safe which it is but i preffer to deal with an advisory that is above board as then I have less chances of them taking me to the cleaners for what i have invested.

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The Thai SEC did not approve deVere taking over Broadgate. Check out Broadgate's ownership on the SEC website - it's still owned by its original shareholders:

No deVere employee in Thailand (i.e. Toby W, Adam C, etc) is licensed to provide investment advice or sell products in Thailand.

deVere is illegal in Thailand.


It depends on where your money is invested. If it's in a life assurance saving plan or portfolio wrapper it should be relatively safe (assuming appropriate risk budget has been applied) you can easily appoint an alternative IFA firm as your intermediary to manage your policy.

If you'd like to do this contact the provider of your policy and they will provide you with a few alternative options. They're usually careful to only suggest reliable advisers when clients call looking to change adviser.


Not the whole industry in Thailand, just companies like deVere that were operating illegally. They are lying about taking over Broadgate too. The takeover was never approved nor completed.


move your money immediately if you can get it back, they are boiler room operators. Thailand has lax laws, that is why there are so many boiler room operations in Thailand. has exposed them

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Totally true, Take your money back ASAP and tell those *** *** artist to *** right off. Toby williams, Adam Clark etc.

Stay away from those *** cons. They put clients money into fancy as nightclubs such as levles etc.

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