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With 70,000 active clients around the World, deVere Group prides itself on offering some of the most trusted financial advice available. All consultants receive comprehensive training which not only gives them the industry standard qualifications required to deliver financial advice, but also enables them to accurately determine the goals and aspirations of our clients. deVere strictly adhere to international law, ensuring that all consultants have the correct paper work for the jurisdiction they choose to live and work in.

I was working for deVere for 6 months in Dubai, bringing in regular business (only I had survived from the 16 on my training course). However, when I went on holiday back home for a week, they cancelled my visa (which I had paid 1000 pounds for out of my own pocket), put a 6 month work ban on me (so I can't work for anybody else in Dubai for 6 months) and my boss spoke to all of my existing clients to try and get them to invest more, basically stealing my business.

I was forced to fly back to the UAE to cancel my visa in person, as you're fined ridiculous amounts if you don't cancel it in person.

Just some advice - Do NOT come to work for them in the lawless place that is The UAE.

You WILL be doing very immoral things to your clients and friends, you WILL end up getting shafted, and you WILL end up out of pocket. Get a proper job, don't do this.

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you gobshite / last poster / cant you see that all the comments here serve to damage devere group and drive prospective clients and employees away from devere. That is good.

One can move on and still post a few truthful comments here.

come on all you devere gobshites...keep defending your kingdom.

to Bernie Madoff #600670

The funny thing is that the very same DeVere employees who defend DeVere over and over are the same people who in a few months will come back and post as ex-devererees who have been screwed. Pretty IRONIC, isn't it?

Malibu, California, United States #600253

I don't work for this "devere" group, but honestly in my life I've never known such a useless waste of time than the rants that take place on here. It's tittle tattling like I've never seen.

Have you genuinely got nothing better to do, like grow a pair, and move on.

Get a new job, meet someone , get married, have kids, settle down and make a life... Move on...


Who are you then ?

Why go on a Anonymous site to complain !

This should be front page news !

Tell everyone who you are and who has ripped you off !??


You should go see a lawyer and take them to court. They will pay you outside the courtroom if they don't get to the judges 1st.

I know of a few people in different regions that are doing exactly this. One guy had a 650,000.00 GBP QROPS stolen from him when he went home for 2 weeks. The Manager then sacked him on his return then gave him 1,000.00 Sterling!

There are all wide boys and thugs, this behavior is rampant throughout deVere Group towards employees.

Good luck


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