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Before any investment can be taken, we require clients to sign and approve all provided paper work. Our compliance team then calls clients to make sure that they fully understand the terms and conditions set out in the agreement and that they have all the necessary paper work to reference to once the investment has commenced. Unfortunately there is no way to invest 100% risk free. Sometimes markets are up and sometimes markets are down, this was detailed in the terms and conditions you signed to authorise the investment.

I have been a client of DeVere since 2008. I invested a huge amount of money in their so-called "Investment Policy/Plan"

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a huge scam. Too many nuances were not explained to me from the beginning. As time went on, these "nuances" seemed to keep popping out of nowhere. Whenever I called them to find out what the problem with my policy was, I was given yet another reason why my policy has "lapsed", and why I need to pour yet more money into it.

I have decided that I simply want my money way or another.

I am aware that I am probably not the first person who is seeking legal action against DeVere. Still, I have no other option. The amount of money I threw down the toilet with DeVere may not seem much (11,600 euros)..............but it's a huge amount of money to me. And I want it back.

I have already informed the UK Ombudsman, who has opened an official investigation. I also contacted the Financial Supervision Authority here in Finland, to report the matter.

Monetary Loss: $11600.

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It seems a good idea to inform the authorities. There is also the media.

There have been reports in This is Money, which is part of the Daily Mail (e.g. "'Financial advice made my pension dive from £89k to £20k': Victory for expat retiree as This is Money gets his pot restored"), and in the South China Morning Post.

The BBC has also covered them. BBC Radio 4 did an interview late last year with a Devere representative about company cloning and identity theft (


Best thing to do is set up a website & call it deVere investment scams- buyer beware!

Or a blog which deVere can't make you take down. This way other people can add their horrific experiences to it.

Nigel Green & his foot soldiers are criminals who live the high life at your expense. They come from boiler room which is why they have such a bad ethic.

You have only to read all the comments on here to get the true measure of those buggers.

Good luck with your complaint.


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