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deVere Group advisers do use a predetermined introduction when meeting with clients. This is done to ensure that all facts about the company are correct. The main part of the meeting consists of what we call a ‘Fact Find’. This is where a deVere adviser will ask the client a set of questions to help us build a picture of where a client is today financially and where they want to be in the future. This can be as detailed as a client wishes and tends to be different with each and every client.

We kindly ask you to view our deVere Press release section on our website, were you will find information on the success of deVere Group products. -

All deVere Financial Advisers take all necessary exams to fulfil deVere’s regulatory obligations, ensuring that our advisers are in fact fully qualified in each country that we work. These include CISI exams.

This is not a complaint merly an observation. A good friend of mine sat down with a deVere Advisor for over one hr. after which he informed the advisor everything sounded pretty good but he would have to do some due diligence on the company. With this in mind he proceeded to search via devere Problems via google, he was astonished what came back. deVere scammers, deVere problems, deVere $50 M UAM Frozen Fund, deVere, deVere... One such item that shocked him after reading was titled deVere scripted meetings which he read with interest.

It turned out that the chap from deVere had rehearsed this SALES script back to front, because he remembered vividly what was said to him. Having felt cheated he contacted he decided to dig a little deeper and do more research.

It turned out that the CEO has paid various PR Co's to write blogs all over the Internet with the heading "deVere Scammers" in an attempt to distract the google bots search engines. Also what came to light was the fact that deVere Group has joined Pissed Consumer in an attempt to try to silence their critics.

On reading through the vast amount of complaints about deVere from various different sources its clear to me deVere are coming back with STANDARD replies then close the thread so there is no further discussions.

Learning a sales script is apparently all you need to do to earn £250,000.00 pa with deVere nowadays. Financial product knowledge irrelevant by all accounts.

Many Co's pay the likes of CISI for group membership it's like in the UK if you are a jobbing handyman you can pay money to the likes of Federation of Master Builders. You can use their logo & give the impression you are knowledgable, a craftsman...

Does this mean you are talking to someone that is qualified? Make your own mind up, you don't have to be a genius to work it out.

Just an observation.

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