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London, England

After being headhunted i also took a position with devere in vietnam, the manager was overbearing to the extreme, you get a desk an a phone and told to get on with it, the only training i received by the manager was to take out the charge sheet from the only 2 investments that pay consultants with the most amount of commision, ie, generali and friends provident, while i was there consultants had to deal with individuals who had lost money and give them one of thier stories. i hope not all brokers work this way.

i witnessed intimadation, racism, and just a general abuse of employees while they go out on the *** and sleep with hookers so they could tell thier stories to thier buddys. A very bad experience from start to finish that left me well out of pocket......BE WARNED.

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yes all of the above, i was in sales prior to going to devere. what a joke.ANDREW MENZIES calls himself country manager :zzz well to be true he does manage to put away a fair amount of alcohol as he does not have any managerial skills. :eek

So were your hired in london, processed in Malta and then shipped to Vietnam? Before your *** experience with Devere Group Scammers what did you do (for a living)? Was it financial services related?


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