Bendorf, Rheinland-Pfalz

I have been a client of deVere Germany for four plus years. Having withdrawn my pension from the UK as part of the QROPS arrangement I was totally reliant on our advisor(s) for advice and detailed explanations of how investing my pension would work.

Sadly, I am in the position of having little to no idea what is happening with my investment portfolio. I have had little to no communication since "Nathan" who did at least bother to visit and prepare in advance.

Changes in the investment managers have never been communicated nor have changes in advisors so I am informed when a complete stranger calls to tell me Nathan, Malcolm, Bianca have moved on......and they have taken over my portfolio...All who have been disinterested, ill-prepared-not having looked at the various funds before talking to me and generally extremely uncommunicative. Most of the time the advisor calls my husband and is unable to differentiate between my portfolio/pension and his-despite having it spelt out repeatedly over the years.

I have had nothing by email or in writing to update or inform me and so it feels like my pension has been swallowed up into a black hole with no evidence of any pro-activity or client care.

As a teacher with the high level of accountability levied at me today, I find the service you have given me at best disappointing-in reality non-existent.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Get out as quickly as you can. I had terrible experience with deVere Germany.


Suggest you look to see how much of your investment is left. You will probably find that the charges have been swallowed up most of your hard earned savings.

It is all promises, smoke and mirrors, suggest you get out when you can. The new "advisors" are not interested in you as there is no milk left in the cow, they have had all their commission.



I have the exact same opinion. New guys phoning you all the time.

Devere is also very unprofessional in their handling of money.

As I am on my way to buy a house in Spain I wanted to have payout of part of my investments. This has nowbeen ongoing fornearly three months, where devere just asks for new documents all the time.

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