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UK pensions can be transferred to QROPS. This can in certain circumstances give tax advantages to expats who have left the UK. It is correct that public pensions are being reduced however it is important for each person to review their finances with a qualified advisor before transferring their pension.
Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi

Got pestered this evening by a devere employee in a bar in Abu Dhabi making claims about being able to transfer UK pensions offshore. The person called himself Brian Adams.

Claimed he could transfer entire UK public service pension schemes out of UK tax liability and also declared that existing UK tax benefits for public sector workers were being reduced.

Claims to have transferred the pension rights of a British Army General of the name of David Atkins, who I never encountered in 20 yrs of service!

He also boasted personal commission based earnings for this financial year in excess of 150000GBP

I disputed his claims regarding the benefits his company could offer and he became aggressive!

Dont touch this company....muppets

  • Brian Adams
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