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All deVere consultants are fully qualified through our accredited CISI training programme. With over 70,000 clients around the world and partnerships with the world’s leading investment firms, we deliver investment opportunities in line with our client’s goals and objectives. All types of financial investments carry an element of risk; our deVere consultants ensure that you are best prepared to give your investments a chance to flourish.

To get the real picture about deVere Group look at this Youtube link

Part 1

Part 2

deVere do not want you to see this, so they set up deVere You Tube account to try and deflect the adverse publicity they are getting. Be very careful if you are dealing with devere at any level. Most of their sales people have no qualifications at all. They will try to put your life savings into Nigel Greens own funds that have abysmal track record but they take fat upfront commissions.

Devere will charge you 4% up front on any of their Structured Notes.

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Thank you all for the hints. They keep calling and settling appointments with pressure..

a proper company hasn't to push THAT much for customers, they come by themselfs.

Therefore, I checked in the net and found all the complaints what made it very easy to me to push back to not get contacted anymore.

I rather give my money to animals or people in need than to any dubious financial company ;)


In 2007 the deVere Group advised me and my wife to invest in the Premier Property Options Fund and the Premier Diversified Property Fund, described in the sales brochure as 'low volatile investments'. We were advised they would provide an immediate regular income and we invested £100,000 from our life savings. The transaction took place in Cyprus, where we have a holiday home. In 2010 the Options Fund was compulsorily redeemed and the Property Fund frozen, with losses of about 60 per cent. We complained and found that deVere in Cyprus comes under a licence issued to deVere in Belgium, but this licence only covers insurance.

The deVere Group describes itself as 'the world's largest independent international financial planning consultancy'. Its London office is licensed by the Financial Services Authority, but you were stuck in the regulatory minefield called 'passporting'.

Leaving aside the particulars of your dispute, I should explain that under an absurd European Union rule, there is a fiction that if a company has a financial services licence in one country, then it deserves a 'passport' to operate in every other country without further vetting. This assumes all regulators are equally efficient and provide equal consumer protection. Total rubbish.

I've since found out that Nigel Green has done a runner to Malta where he runs his empire from.

deVere have employed a damage limitation company to consistently make up great stories about themselves to counteract the bad publicity they already have.

If it's anything deVere run a mile!

Great video posts though. :x

Following on from the Financial Services Authority's warning on pension release scams, which also says "The firms may offer to ... transfer your existing personal pension plan to a Qualifying Registered Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) or overseas pension structure to avoid you paying UK tax", BBC Radio 4's Moneybox broadcast a programme on 9 February 2013 called "The Dangers of Pension 'Liberation'".

The transcript is available on the BBC site. The BBC news site has an article entitled "Pensions 'liberation' scam tops £400m".


Thank you so much for posting this explosive information, I was dealing with deVere but after reading this decided not to progress any further.


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