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deVere Group provide all training at no cost to the recruit. We develop our recruits training them to achieve industry standard qualifications enabling them to deliver trusted international financial advice. With over 70,000 active clients around the world and over $9 billion under advice and management, deVere are confident that our consultants deliver the very finest financial advice.

deVere (via Nigel Green, the CEO, Steven Luckett, the global recruitment director and others) are professional scam artists specializing in ripping British expats off as well as draining their own financial consultants out of money and sexually abusing their female professionals.

Currently they are feverishly recruiting young professionals in Spain, Portugal, Ireland and other western European countries where as a result of the financial crisis many have lost their jobs, but still have some savings left in order pay these criminals tribute for being f...d over.

A year ago my friend was cheated out of $ 20 000 after being promised riches (no less than GBP 120 000 a year!!) and a splendid career. During a week-long deVere financial consultants' training course in Malta at the end of which (according to the excited cries of Steven Luckett, hopping around madly with patched up trousers at deVere presentation) participants had to stand an official independent financial adviser exam, she was approached by one of deVere representatives with an open offer to 'treat his male parts', in exchange for them 'making sure she got promoted'. As she refused, the representative suggested later on on the course that she 'lacked necessary sales skills' so to fail her deliberately and get rid of a living stain on his reputation.

As it turned out, she would have been luckier to have failed the course than having been selected for the position of a financial consultant.

Still not convinced? Read on.

DeVere consultants do NOT get 120 000 a year and they do NOT get a professional IFA qualification. This is just a bait for the gullible who believe Steven Luckett, Nigel Green & Co. are telling the truth just because they cannot IMAGINE being fooled by a company with a beautiful website and (seemingly) a lot of connections, in the most outrageous way.

After having passed the 'course', she had to spend another three weeks in Malta at her own cost, because Steven Luckett's announcement that 'deVere will arrange you everything, including visas and employment permits!' turned out to be an outward scam. After finally getting the visa on her own and moving to the destination country, she also discovered that she had to 'contribute' towards their office, heating, coffee, rubbish, toilet paper etc. costs. There were no computers at the office as they could not afford to pay for the Internet!!!

Furthermore, please note: 'contribute' as it is understood in deVere, means to pay your share off completely or not get any commission. Phone bills she had to cover on her own - quite a feat if cold-calling and trying to attract angry for being pestered people takes you 95% of your working time, as it 'is not up to the company to give you leads' (what did we train you for?!).

After having lived for 3 MONTHS on her own and her parents' money, it finally dawned to her that the well-deserved commission was due to her at this rate no sooner than by 2050.

She quit the company and is a living proof that a loss of $20 000 and a sore *ss is all you can get from these beggared scammers, sexual predators who have apparently come from a slum.

Be on your guard

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Bangkok, Krung Thep, Thailand #607603

To want to expose bad practice: send the link of this site and threads to everyone you know and ask them to keep sending forward...and just ask people to read and think twice before taking advise from anyone company listed in this site. Buy list of emails in the net, there are reasonably cheap and may help you to reach an incredible number of people in one hit.


never work for these guys


They are robbing scamming thieves that told me a pack of lies to *** me in to handing over my pension. I wish I had seen this site before ever meeting anyone Devere.

They are rehearsed with scripted lines which they practice non stop as part of their training course. I saw BBC Panorama "who stole my pension Devere" after it was too late for me, don't be fooled by the boiler room boys like I was!


They are robbing scamming crooks. I wish i found this site before I let my guard down and let them rob me of my hard earned savings.


I don't believe that you work for this company. I think that you have deliberately used poor English grammar, spelling and punctuation in an attempt to discredit the organisation and provoke responses.


Your all looking to much into this, I work for deVere in dubai, if you want a coodinator then yes you have to pay them 20% of all commissions, but at the end of the day they are employed by you. So this is your way of paying them. I personally have my wife as my coordinator, devere helped me with her flights to dubai (paid half her air fare) and trained her up.

DeVere are a regulated company, who I have had no problems with. I have on going training in my location, and am earning a lot of money within this company.

So make up your own mind. Don't read these *** blogs.



They use this method all the time, as well as Facebook, google and all the other social networking sites to obtain as much info about you and your coworkers as possible, then they strike with a very well versed pitch.

These people are scammers of the highest order, will stop at nothing to relieve you of your hard earned.

I knew a guy, he was selling bus seats and running a girlie bar in Pattaya (horrible man) next min he's working as a senior consultant for this bunch of shitsters. He fitted in very well, they say birds of a feather flock together.


I was just contacted by this company by a very charming young lady who did quite an excellent sales pitch albeit a bit too swarmy.

She had really done her homework on me by looking at my linkedin profile. I recently joined a linkedin group of 'Irish expat's in Paris', and it from these type of expat groups where they form their target lists. I was able to see through her lies about 2mins into our conversation, as I have a number of years experience in Financial Services. Her sales pitch delivery was flawless and I could see easily how someone might fall for it.

Just as a note, I am quite well connected on the expat front in Paris and have just sent a note to all my contacts on linkedin to watch out for this company. God love the young graduates that are charmed into joining them, my advice would to get out and get out now.


If you have any sense of ethics and decency you'll keep this bunch at more than arm's length.

Just NOT to be trusted


Joe's comment is a classic example of a devere salesman who's starting to believe his own lies. Of course you are a qualified Lawyer and chartered RDR adviser!!!! LMAO


I worked at deVere for three years and did very well from it (and no I did not rip people off and have had many positive recommedations from clients many of which are friends to this day!!)

As far as I'm concerned people who come on here.... are simply people who could not cut it in a competitive environment>>>>>>And before the used car sales man comments flood in I would like to add that I am a UK qualified Lawyer and a chartered financial consultant (RDR Level)


I work at deVere, this is so true >>>it finally dawned to her that the well-deserved commission was due to her at this rate no sooner than by 2050e AIDS, and if like me you read this but still do it anyway, make sure to pick a great location. Don't believe what they say, call people in that location and ask them your self - they are on linkedin



please advice me, I had a call from one guy from devere telling me about an opportuniy to be an offshore financial advisor. Kindly let me if it is worth quitting my job for devere---so confused


These ***-sultants are nothing more than second hand car salesmen. Its all about the money money money.

This is the only company i know of that makes you pay them to use their office every month. Why are Devere so big, because they have no overheads. Coordinator 20% Devere make all the money at your expense, customer and salesman. The only winners are Devere.

You will see your investments drop in value considerably, why?

Their charges are outrageous. Proceed at your peril, dont say you have not been warned!


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