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We are pleased that our senior manager was able to give you good advice. We strive to maintain high standards from all our advisers.

Before moving back to the U.K (from China) I was repeatedly called by one persistent salesman asking me to meet his boss.

Eventually, after losing the battle of saying NO I agreed and was subjected to the biggest load of drivel I have ever heard. The salesman was late, smelled of alcohol and despite my stating that I wanted to invest under 500GBP he told me that it "wasn't in his interest" if I didn't go over this.

Needless to say I was not impressed and took this to a higher level. In turn I met the district boss who was very charming, very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. He even reduced my investment by 100GBP and explained why in the long run this helps.

Was this a sales technique....I don't know. Was I being conned....I am not sure. If I was then its a great skill to plan this to perfection.

I am happy with my investment, although I have moved and my advisor has moved cities I would recommend them - but not all of them.

You always get one bad egg in a carton....just don't disregard the rest.

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