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deVere Group provide all training at no cost to the recruit. We develop our recruits training them to achieve industry standard qualifications enabling them to deliver trusted international financial advice. With over 70,000 active clients around the world and over $9 billion under advice and management, deVere are confident that our consultants deliver the very finest financial advice.
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As an ambitious 26 year old pretty, blond girl with a degree in management from City University in Bulgaria and had wanted to break off from escort work in Knightbridge, London. I had put my name down in several UK jobsites for work in financial services as many of my high-paying clients were accountants and bankers. I have no financial services experience, but have very good English and an 'engaging' personality. So I thought I was well qualified to give the job a go.

I was contacted by a recruiter from de Vere Group and was offered a job as a financial consultant for the company's Moscow office (as I speak Russian). I guess the recruiter calling me got my CV from a jobsite. I went for the interview which was a presentation. It all looked good: £150,000 a year guaranteed, office location of my choice, full training and a caring firm.

I became worried when I got their offer letter which seemed to show that I would have to pay them back my training course expenses, pay for my IFA course and exams (although they said they would do that), do cold calls all on my own!!!! and so on.

When I told them, I had changed my mind after getting the letter, I got a call from one of their managers who said that I would be treated right, if I treated him right. When I asked him if he was referring to sexual favours, he said that he could be. I cut him off and sent letter to Nigel Green, the company's CEO to complain and copied it to Steven Luckett, the recruiter's boss. No response nothing.

de Vere left a bad taste in my mouth and I guess they will in yours too! If you are girl willing to give sex for your career, you could do well there. But if you want a real job, stay clear I say. Horrible, horrible people.

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I have had personal experience of this cowboy outfit. They are bad, very bad. Steer well clear.


I have had personal experience of this cowboy outfit. They are bad, very bad. Steer well clear.


I was approached last week by devere group South africa to work for them. What did bother me was the way I was treated by Mr Van Niekerk (Regional manager giving the second line interview). He was extremely derogatory towards me and totally prejudice based on my sexual orientation. At one point in the interview I asked him what type of a person he is looking for to fill the position and he replied that firstly, he would like to employ a real man in the position and then he burst out in laughter. Once he realised that his joke was extremely un-appropriate he apologised profusely saying he shouldn’t say things like that cause it will get him in trouble.

He was also negative towards me throughout the interview making statements for instance that he has never seen an ex-bank employee that could succeed in this type of job because they don’t have the right mentality for it. He also attacked me personally stating that he earned more money in his first month of working for the Devere group than what I have earned and most propably ever will earn in my entire life and that the chair I am sitting in at the moment is the closest I will ever get to being a millionaire.

He asked me why I think that in the two years I have been applying for positions I have not found employment? I replied that due to BBEEE some positions were not suitable. He interrupted me saying that BBEEE is not enough of a reason for all the unsuccessful applications. I continued to say...

I would really like to know why on earth did he waste my time to come out to Stellenbosch for an interview if he had already decided before he met me that I was unemployable due to being an ex-banking employee without qualifications who is not worthy of being called a real man due to me being ***? I would also like to know how Devere can employ such a narrow minded, prejudice *** as an area manager? My one regret throughout this whole ordeal is that I did not tape that interview.

Please, do not keep my CV on record as I would not want to work for a company that employs people like Mr Van Niekerk as area managers.

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i had a group meeting today for the de vere gropu today at the hilton hotel in heathrow airport. it all sounded to good to be true which it probably means it is!! has anyone had any pprevious work experience with these, anything would be appriciated it.


Are there any CLIENTS on here that can tell me anything about their experiences with deVere? I've been scouring the net and all I've managed to find are comments from disgruntled ex-employees.

I need to make a decision, so I'd really appreciate if any clients out there could give me any advice.





These fake IFA dudes ripped people off for £millions on the consolidated fund scandal about 12 years ago when they were called Britex(google it!)They got caught up and changed there name sharpish to devere and partners. Now they are flogging funds again that they (Nigel Green etc) have a 'vested' interest in.

Still what can you say, thousand of expat muppets are still buying this hype without doing any due diligence or research on these cowboys. So who's the biggest idiots?


Interesting comments. You should contact the regulators and/or the press.


so 'sales guys', you were selling products for six months that you didnt understand and you are now moaning on a blog?

Did you pocket the commission? Thought so.....


wtach the film boiler room before you go on the devere training course, brilliant film until the end when you end up in jail.

I worked for devere for 6 months and sold things that i now understand and wish i had not,


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