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deVere was formed in 2002 as a totally new company. The original company was deVere and partners. As the company grew and created several other businesses a new holding company was formed called deVere Group. All subsidiary companies are owned by the deVere group. Nigel Green the deVere CEO has a successful blog which can be found at Nigel Green was never a major shareholder in any previous international companies that he worked for. deVere Group continues to grow and we expect to double the size of the organization over the next 24 months.

Nigel Green the CEO of devere now has his own vanity-driven website all about him. Including a little bit about his background. 

Strangely, he forgetfully and completely missed out the bit in his career where he was a a major shareholder in his former offshore IFA (Britex International). The one that was involved in furiously selling the Imperial Consolidated fund that went belly up and lost investors millions. It was just after that that Nigel changed his company name to devere and partners (now devere group) How could he have forgot about such an eventful past life?

He also says on his site that you shouldn't believe the 'haters'. Bizarre and somewhat chav terminology from the CEO- would you not agree?

Look up britex international or imperial consolidated fund

Monetary Loss: $2.

  • Imperial Consolidated Fund Britex
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