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As the largest IFA in the World we sometimes have false comments made about us by competitors. In this case we know who placed this comment and are in the process of taking legal action.

Nigel Green deVere Scam. Nigel Green of deVere group now has 3 staff members of staff banged up in an Abu Dhabi jail for stealing. They apparently stole from a hotel and got caught in the process and have said they were told to do it. Whilst shocking, this is not a surprise to me just that they haven’t been caught before.

I worked for these Devere clowns in the Abu Dhabi office for 6 months until recently so I don’t care about them anymore or that *** Nigel Green. This goes on all the time and the pressure that is placed upon staff to make calls to anyone that will listen and force appointments on people is at the centre of this company sales drive.

Nigel Green just wants sales and he doesn’t care how it’s done. He’s not the one on the front line. I left after being asked to sell a product with a higher commission than what was best for the customer. I now work for one of their providers in the UAE and the stories we hear about what goes on there is just disgusting and now with 3 deVere staff in jail Nigel Green has to admit these three are officially criminals.

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