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de Veres Scam

Copy and paste links below to get the real picture on devere & pPartners or whatever they call themselves now. They change their name more often than I change my underpants. They have been throw out of many countries, its the same people behind the current company. They treat their staff with contempt, customers they will tolerate until they'e had all their money then its another story. These are corrupt, thieves that will only line their own pockets at everyone's expense. Take a good look at the links, make your own mind up about them.

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they were also fined in their China office. They were ''employing'' staff without proper visa's and were raided a couple years ago.

The boss had to pay a bribe to the police. He then got shipped off to another office.

This company is an absolute scam and any *** defending it obviously works for them and has been sold the ''dream''. Dont worry, it will soon turn into a nightmare.

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None of the links lead to anything. No results found, no records found, the MAS link leads to a dead end.

Either they are good at covering their tracks or you're just a muppet.


I also worked for deVere as their Area Manager in São Paulo and I as far as I know I am the only person in this site writing about deVere who reviewed his name. I accepted the work, despite checking this site because I didn´t pay attention or interest to read it properly...and I paid a VERY SERIOUS PRICE FOR THAT!!

I worked for 10 months and got access to deVere´s clients and ex-clients lists so I decided to contact them to build rapport for future business. What I found was a bunch of clients/ex-clients who lost large chucks of their money...not to mention the large number of people who lost piles with a company called Britex...which has some sort of connection with deVere - Nigel Green worked for Britex. Spencer Lodge also worked for Britex and was the main guy behind...then he left Brazil to go to work for? deVere in Asia...It was sad and terrible to meet people - directors of companies not below par individuals - who had been deceived by deVere and to meet them and hear their histories on how they lost 300k, 240k, 200k, 160k...and the list goes on...all totally powerless, no clue where to go to complain...and some of them said IN MY FACE: YOU ARE A DISHONEST PERSON...YOU WORK FOR suddenly I saw myself associated with this name...I warned deVere (Nigel Green directly) and got an email saying that everyone in the office was lazy (he had said that before about Brazilians) and then repeated the same comment on an email...My personal career was destroyed.

Even headhunters are starting to decline my services as they search the net and find details about deVere and my association...MY PIECE OF ADVICE: DON´T EVER WORK FOR THEM!!! DON´T EVER INVEST YOUR MONEY THROUGH THEM!!! And by the way...because I reviewed my name I have been threatened by deVere with a lawsuit...their lawyer and Nigel himself have been trying to intimidate me to stop posting details about them. Finally, in Brazil, deVere for years sold Generali and Hansard saving plans but since 2007 this specific product from these companies is not allowed but deVere and other companies ignored the law and carried on selling it.

During my term as the Area Manager I specifically demanded these products not to allowed. But it is important to stress that Brazilian regulators can issue fines to companies which sold these products and it is backdated.

Therefore, it can catch not only Generali and Hansard but also deVere...I have been already in touch with regulators and we are working on how it will be done. I hope with this action to not only save people from going ahead and do something but also to offer unhappy clients and ex-clients some sort of moral compensation (unfortunately, they will never get any money back...).


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