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deVere Group are committed to providing high level services and support to clients and recruits. Even though some complaints are frivolous, we recommend that they are filed through the proper channels by speaking direct to deVere. We take all complaints seriously, even the grossly exaggerated posts possibly written by our competitors. However, some are genuine and we are fully committed to solve these issues as quickly as possible. If you wish to speak to our customer service department, please go to

I dedicated and wasted a year of my life to this joke of a company. They are full of false promises and is surrounded by this huge fake image of people that can help you. I have read and dealt with a number of people who were not happy with the service but i can say the abuse and complete unprofessionalism goes further into the company than people think. The so called coordinators who have 'the most important job' are mistreat and spoken to like garbage while these pretentious consultants are working as hard as they can to scam an honest worker for their money. During my time there i have witnessed lies, cons, drug abuse, extreme sexism and its safe to say it goes much further beyond that.

I can say that devere is filled with some of the best salesmen in the world along with plenty of convicts and for that you should be careful not to meet with them, because they will tell you aaaaanything to get your money.

I worked 10 hours a day for them for a year and made less than a UK minimum wage. They refused to pay me a basic salary or any expenses at all and were very harsh on conditions, I was forced to call the same *** list of people everyday and receive nothing but abuse from the other end of the line as these people were getting annoyed with me, even though there were some complete idiots down the phone, i completely understand why they were so aggressive. devere pay absolutely no attention to tax or legalities and would not help a fellow employee in need whatsoever. In the space of one year I have seen countless people join and leave the company because of the *** they had to put up with and they have lost a lot of their own money because of it. I know they are now focusing on upping the employment numbers so beware and do not believe the prospects they are offering, the will make money from the money that you manage to earn. stay away!

These people are practically stealing money.. and I have no idea how this company is still running..

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