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deVere consultants are fully qualified financial advisers. New recruits receive comprehensive training on the island of Malta, where deVere Group provides all training and accommodation at no cost to the recruit.
Moscow, Moscow

got a position with rip off merchants devere and co. paid for training in malta, flights, hotel food.

then had to pay for flights, flat inc cash payment to darren heights friend for "admin" £1100!!

on 2nd day in moscow got invited for a drink, came to work the following day and was told i smelt of alcohol...I was fired on the spot, no money, flight or place to live other than at my cost. My area manager was a complete alco himself and i have since heard a serious drug habit (as have a lot off devere managers)

Monetary Loss: $9000.

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This is a completely inaccurate post! I recently done my training with devere and didn’t have to pay anything towards training, accommodation or food whilst in Malta!!

The only thing I had to pay for was a flight to Malta which id say is fair enough considering they pay for everything else!!

I recently moved to my office where again I haven’t had to pay for anything!! Yes its hard work but some of the posts on here really aren’t correct.

to Anonymous Madrid, Madrid, Spain #650662

wait until you get out in the field and then come back to this site..

They take 25% of your commission until you are through a "threshold". That 25% is to cover the cost of the training/hotel/food/expenses in Malta...


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