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deVere consultants are fully qualified financial advisers. New recruits receive comprehensive training on the island of Malta, where deVere Group provides all training and accommodation at no cost to the recruit. Once training is complete, recruits get the opportunity to work in one of our 70 global offices.
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Don't work for them, the role is nothing like the recruiters and trainers have you believe, they are nothing more than glamourised time share salesmen who care for no one.I worked for them in Asia following a weeks training in London, they told me i would have a coordinator with a diary full of appointments but when i arrived there was nobody there and all the mangers said was go out and find your own way.

This apears to be the norm in most devere offices, sink or swim attitude and throwing more and more mud at the wall hoping some of it will stick.Don't buy from them they have the worst reputation in the industry for client service only caring about the commisions they make.



JPS, that FSA link is about Chase de Vere, which is a different company.


has anyone have anything good to say about DEVERE.


That last comment goes to rambo aswell, i was a co-ord mate, you get paid commission only and its 3 weeks after your 1st deal, so if you get a new consultant that doesnt know what theyre doing and doesnt do a deal for a month, then your gna have to live off your own money for 2 months, which is extremely hard. the working hours are a joke aswell, and they do this thing called 'power hour' where you HAVE to stand up for ages just constantly making calls. my advice would be make sure you have enough money to be comfortbale for at least 3 months and enough to get home.


Pur3737 - Do not work for them, i got massively *** over and that was by my own uncle. theyre all a bunch of *** houses.


Pur3737 - I worked for these shifty toe-rags and you will regret it big time. Trust me - Don't do it!!!!!!


Hi there I came across deVere Group website while searching for career change, I was impressed by them but after reading these comments I will thread carefully.I was interested in applying for positions in Thailand in an FIS.

I am a Law Graduate and a good sales lady.

Can anyone advise me on a reputable firm to work for.After reading the reviews I am so shocked at the behaviour within deVere.


I have worked for deVere before and im here to tell you what they don't. The people at the training day are mere salesmen just like anyone at deVere and dont tell you the complete truth.

They lure you in with false promises and naively i bought into it but know that once you have booked the flight they know that they have sold you and the dream quickly turns into a nightmare as from there they don't care, in fact they didn't even bother to tell me on the visa requirements so when i was at the airport i had to pay for another ticket. Your chances from there are slim and none, as it is dog eat dog environment and they take no prisoners. I never did get paid my flight or my accommodation in the end and was lucky not to end up bankrupt.

I wont say don't go as you are your own person but me like everyone else on here have a duty to tell you what they are really like but what i will say is DEMAND TO SEE THE CONTRACT TO WHAT OFFICE YOU ARE ASSIGNED BEFORE YOU LEAVE. You are at least entitled to that and then you have something to legally fall back on if they refuse to pay you and you can see the real truth, that's the only bit of advice i can give.

Good luck buddy, i think you may need it.


I am due to start as a co-ordiator in the next few months, can any ex employees please give me some advise as i am now abit worried after reading this.

i understand that i pay for 50% of my flight and accomodation, but id like some info on 'real pay' id get, i may have to go in to my savings for this and before i do, id appreaciate the advise.


Stay well away from Devere.

The whole company is a scam! They rip off employees and clients alike by witholding information about front loaded commissions (they will always try to sell a 25 yer - max lenght - plan to everybody because that generates the highest commission) and they with hold commission earned by employees when they hand in their notice - which is illegal.

There are plenty of reputable financial services companies that provide compliant, ethical advice to their clients and treat both their clients and employees fairly.



Devere...can anyone who has worked for them pm me or email me privately. I am suppossed to go for an interview next week


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