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deVere consultants are fully qualified financial advisers. New recruits receive comprehensive training on the island of Malta, where deVere Group provides all training and accommodation at no cost to the recruit. Once training is complete, recruits get the opportunity to work in one of our 70 global offices.
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Don't work for them, the role is nothing like the recruiters and trainers have you believe, they are nothing more than glamourised time share salesmen who care for no one.I worked for them in Asia following a weeks training in London, they told me i would have a coordinator with a diary full of appointments but when i arrived there was nobody there and all the mangers said was go out and find your own way.

This apears to be the norm in most devere offices, sink or swim attitude and throwing more and more mud at the wall hoping some of it will stick.Don't buy from them they have the worst reputation in the industry for client service only caring about the commisions they make.

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How is it going Doug? This must be a full time job trying to defend Devere all the time.

#370916 there office next to a Porsche Dealer or something?


im sorry but i aint deveres biggest fan.....but that is ***!!! if your any good you will earn money- just drive past one of their office carparks!!!

greed is a bad emotion keep it in check- oh and FYI Nigel Green is only in a position obviously half of you wanted to be in.


***.Your complete inability to put together a valid rebuff to the comments here, instead making child-like statements, at least tells us you are a thru and thru devere illiterate salesmen.


The high recruitment/drop out rate costs them no money, if you sell one product they are in pocket. It costs them more money if the new advisors actually stay.

This is pyramid selling, the people at the top earn the big bucks and it benefits them if they recruit 100 people per year who sell maybe two products then leave. They don't invest time in training and they don't cost them any money.

I did work there and earned a lot. It was fun and I enjoyed it, but I treated my clients well and developed a good relationship with them. When I moved to a reputable company they moved with me.

If you go as a co-ordinator then you really are the lowest of the low. Treated with contempt as you are not good enough to visit clients.

The majority of sales people fail, so if you are a co-ordinator for one of these (you will be, if you are any good your appointments will have to result in a sale, if your advisor can't sell or isn't hard enough then you won't sell. Catch 22) you are going to be destitute. One co-ordinator slept on the floor in the office until the manager found out. One advisor tried to commit suicide he was in such dire straights.

My director, Simon Pratt told one advisor he wasn't allowed to stay late in the office as it wouldn't be able to lock up as his 'closing skill' were sh*t.

You were humiliated if you didn't sell but they gave you no help. One guy did extremely well and was the blue eyed boy, wined and dined by the...

One guy called Mark recently fled Hong Kong as he swindled his clients, pocketing their money rather than investing it.

Don't work for them and don't invest with them. There are decent company's out there. Do some research.

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Thanks God for this website. I always had a bad feeling about De Vere, just to find out now why...........people stay away...if it sounds to good to be true that ..deep down you know it isn't.


Well I thank my lucky stars I found this website, I was due to attend an interview next week in Birmingham and after reading all these comments on here I am soo so glad that I can avoid them


"Nigel, Andy, And the odd posh geezer..."

Who are the managers and where are they from?


Yes DeVere are a boiler-room scam

Please avoid them like the plague

they are a nightmare to deal with and there is no way you will make money




Fees beyond anything you can imagine

Disbursement procedures are falsified

Statistics are false

History files are deceptive

and more

You've been warned


I went on their course for 5 days, was put up in a 5 star hotel, breakfast, lunch and dinner paid for.

Did the course, passed the exam (top 4 out of 15)

Was told by trainers by email that I had not passed and was more like a car salesman or drug dealer.

Anyway, told Nigel Green (who looks like Mr burns from the Simpsons) what I thought and moved on.

Best decision I have ever had made for me, saved me a fortune and got back with my gf and we now have a gorgeous boy , when i was supposed to be on phone in mexico city getting scammed by these jokers.

Nigel, Andy, And the odd posh geezer...

Thank you Wan*ers.. I must have cost you a few grand for the training and hotel!!



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