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All deVere consultants are trained to the highest possible standards receiving a CISI (Chartered Institute of Securities & Investment) qualification. deVere strictly adhere to international law, ensuring that all consultants have the correct paper work for the jurisdiction they choose to live and work in. As one of the most regulated IFA’s in the world, deVere Group enjoy an active clientele of 70,000 people and $9 billion under advice and management.

deVere Group the worlds largest Financial ***-saultancy has just had it's license in Belgium revoked. In other words they have been thrown out of the country. Devere were only able to sell insurance NOT investments as is the case in many countries they operate in.

Most of their staff DO NOT have valid WORK PERMITS and are NOT authorised or properly trained (have sufficient qualifications) to give you Financial Advice.

Read this article from TONY HETHERINGTON (UK Daily Mail) and make your own mind up.

Also search 'WHO STOLE MY PENSION DEVERE' on google to view the Panorama document about these dreadful people.

I lost 100,000's of pounds when I was tricked by deVere to handing over my retirement money.

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Munich, Bavaria, Germany #655737

I am proud to say that I (with a few others) initiated their being thrown out of Belgium with official protest against them abusing their Belgium license for "passporting" into other EU countries when a) they did not have the passporting rights to do so and b) when even to the countries they had asked for such a license, they only asked for "cross-border" activities which do not cover establishing your own offices/branches in these countries. After delivering enough proof from DeVere documents about this abuse, suddenly DEVere vanished from Belgium. Next I will send proof to the UK FCA that they abuse their passporting rights into some countries regarding investment advice and then we'll see where else they still can create havoc without being evicted, caught and sentenced.


to Starshollow #657317

DeVere group have just had their UAM Fund locked down to the tune approx $50,000,000.00 USD of clients money trapped inside.

I'd live to see Nigel Green explain this one. He can't say this is deVere haters!

Nicosia, Nicosia, Cyprus #655256

The guys in the Limassol office are presently trying to apply for a direct Cyprus licence.

Please email any complaints with your details and complaint to ,, call on 22602990, fax: 22302938. The Insurance Superintendent in Cyprus needs to understand how these guys operate. They will be granted a licence if duped investors do not stand up now.

If they have not put you into an insurance bond first (either with Skandia or Provinence - where they take 8% commission) then they are in even bigger trouble.

They are telling existing clients that the 'licence is in the post' and 'it'll be here on Monday' in order to appease them.

They have recruited the new wave of fodder into Cyprus even after the Belgium licence was annulled. Awful.

to Cyprus citizen #655528
Read the post on here about their UAM Fund where they have $50Million of their clients money LOCKED DOWN/ FROZEN/UNABLE TO ACCESS....

This was Nigel Green's own fund until he saw what *** poor performance it was doing because of all the deVere upfront charges they took- the fund had no choice but to go backwards. Nigel then put his secretary as Director then realised she was too close to him & had a couple of other people front it.

There will be many more deVere clients loosing large chunks of money in coming mths/yrs as Nigel & his buddies sit back in their new office in the Caymen Islands... They'll be dreaming up a new Co. name soon because deVere has such a bad rep.

No matter how much money you've made Nigel you can't buy respect, that's something you earn! Your name & the name of deVere Group is the laughing stock of the Financial Services industry. :grin

to Devere's $50,000,000 Fund Lock Brussels, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium #655557

I am not a fan of this firm, but I wonder if a lot of these comments are really true.

Are you seriously suggesting that the director of this firm put his secretary as a director of a multi-million dollar fund?

Do you have any evidence of that or is that yet another "de Vere myth"?

to Are you sure? #655632

check the company records online.

Unfortunately its all true.

She was a share holder in the UAM fund as well, along with the company training manager and several senior managers in the company.

to Are you sure? #656530

Read the International Adviser article "Up to $50m of deVere client money trapped in suspended UAM fund".

According to International Adviser, the fund was apparently suspended because Devere clients were selling their holdings. If Devere clients are such financial novices that they consult a sales company on investment decisions, this would mean that these same people had suddenly become so hands-on and clued-up about their investments that they had removed their money from this specific fund. If the journalist did not talk to individual clients, and if the financial advisory and fund management companies are one and the same, who is the source of the information as to where the money went?


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