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Bangkok, Krung Thep

A Thai lady just won't give up phoning me all the time. She phoned a year ago and I said I wasn't interested.Then a year later she phones me again and gets pushy trying to arrange a meeting.

I told her email me some details and I'll phone her back if I'm interested. She was really strong on the phone trying to get this meeting out of me.She's phoned me 3 times this year. I searched for her email and there is no email from her. She said "listen X, it's better if we arrange a meeting" really abruptly.

I said no, and asked her to stop phoning me.If she phones again I'll take her details and post them here.Not a really bad complaint. But pushy, sharp sales people who don't listen and obviously lie (she's never sent me an email the 3 times I've told her to).

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I had the same problem. I found out that there can not send things by email as the cold callers don't know there product and wouldn't know what to recommend.

My friends have met a few different people from deVere and there have no idea what there are talking about. I decided to sit down to see just how bad there were so i said i would agree to sit down with the managing partner. To be fair to the guy he knew everything there was to know.

After a few months getting to know this guy i agreed i would invest $50,000 into a structure note and it payed out this year returning me 19%. There are a few good people in the company but alot are bulls***ters i would always ask for recommendations first espicially if there have clients in your company.

London, England, United Kingdom #616471

These guys are desperate. If you can handle it, arrange an expensive lunch on them to talk it over.

They will pay if they think you are keen.

Feed yourself for free then tell them to F off. I know someone who has done this twice now!!


Just agree to the meeting and set a place at a location hard to reach by public transport (as none of the Devere guys has a car) and just DO NOT SHOW UP!


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