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Being the World’s largest independent financial advisory Group, deVere draws much positive and negative criticism. The reason we ask new recruits to pay for their flight to Malta for training is because we don’t want people to take advantage of the opportunity, gaining themselves a free holiday to Malta. We look to recruit people who have the passion and determination to succeed in the financial service industry. We recruit and train consultants who have an entrepreneurial attitude, people who are capable of running and expanding an office.

deVere isn’t a scam, and it is unfortunate that so many of our competitors and ex-employees spend so much time trying to tar the reputation of deVere. It’s easy to hide behind the internet and post negative reviews about people/companies, how do you know that this person isn’t a competitor of deVere? How do you know that they are legitimate? Unfortunately you don’t, which is why we invite all potential recruits and clients to ask as many questions as they deem fit, in order to feel comfortable about working with us. Please email our customer service department or pop in to your local deVere office (you can find your nearest office here -

A career in financial services is tough and not everyone is cut out for it. But those who work hard, train hard and build long lasting relationships with clients – will inevitably create a very lucrative future for themselves and their clients.
London, England

Having received a call from one of their lovely recruitment consultants, I was initially taken back by the offer - as you would be if vast amounts of money were presented to you as a salary. My very first challenge was my complete and utter lack of experience in the finance sector which was remedied by the fact that all training would be provided. Anyway, having had a lengthy talk with the consultant I agree to attend the meeting which seems to generally be held in London on Friday at the T4 Hilton meeting facilities. DO NOT GO - WASTE OF TIME AND FUEL!

So of I went, wasting my time and fuel, to this lovely presentation - oh - by the way....make sure you turn up on time....they lock the doors at 1pm...You are 'greeted' by the glum face of a recruitment consultant named Liam - apparently he helped with the setup of this ponzi scam :)

The charismatic presenter and head of training, Andy (that charismatic term will probably give him some sort of ego boost), gave a rather slick presentation which first of all covered sites like this and put to bed any negative online feedback. Sure - I am writing on experience of this process up till the point I really researched this company including talking to some very reputable financial advisors from other companies working in the same regions and high net individuals I know in the Middle East who have been "pestered" by Devere! They have all advised I stay clear - and in honest opinions too!

Anyhoo - so you want to know about PAY...MOOHLA.....WONGA! Welllll the first slide is on QROPS - pension transfers (I am NOT a professional at this - just base knowledge)....We were advised a single transfer could gain as much as £12-15k in Commissions as an International Finance Advisor (IFA - the role they offer you)....OH WAIT....remember your 'PA' or coordinators? They get 20% of that and any other commission you make...that's right - you pay them (I swear this used to be called a pyramid scheme)...! BUT really - your 'bread and butter is RSP's' (quote: Andy, head of training), which typically gain you a commission in the region of £3,000 (remember to deduct that 20%)!

So WHAT is my pay?....Answer....NOTHING! ZERO! ZILCH! NADA.....Just what you earn in commissions through lying and having no integrity with the way in which you use a clients money. We were told by Andy to plan to have about 6-8 weeks of living expenses (yup...your accommodation, flights, food etc)...They do not cover flights at all - but for your training...they will cover your stay for 5 nights at a Hilton in Malta...but you have to pay for flights....but that sounds sweet right?

Anyhoo - digressing - waste no time on this. DON"T even entertain it. They are simply dangling carrots in front of your eyes - are you a donkey? If so...please APPLY :D

Watch out Polish investors - they seem to want to move into this market hard and fast....You will only be muddying your name, integrity and finances working here.

To put this all into a final shot perspective - I was very happily offered a job today in the middle east, in my area of expertise with a company that has turned over a respectable $723 million USD in its 15 year history...ooooh not as grand as the £9Billion that DeVere have right? least they are paying me to fly business class to Dubai, providing me with 3 return tickets a year to london, 28 days holiday, a healthy basic with commissions, accommodation, food for 3 months and wait for it......a driver (until I select the company car I wish to choose) :O

Now THAT's how a company treats its employees and runs with good morales, values and integrity....

PEACE OUT DeVere....This is one fish that cottoned on to your ponzi - look forward to the cut n paste standard BS you post as a reponse.... :)

Monetary Loss: $10000.

  • international finance advisor
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