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As the most regulated IFA in the world, we strive to provide the very best customer service. We apologise that the appointment was missed.
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I wouldn't trust a company that failed to make their own appointments twice...and its seems that I was right. This type of company that trawl job sites for CV's and contact you to make an appointment, if they have enough fish in the net they don't call you.

They are not IFA's they have more in kind with Bucket Shops, Boiler Room, time share sales etc. Is it any wonder that they are based abroad?

The CEO will probably appear on watchdog sooner or later....nice trip for the watchdog team when they knock on his door in some remote location away from the financial regulators.

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The severe CEO is Nigel Green, he lives in Malta (allegedly). Well away from the tentacles of the FCA.

You are right, severe are a bunch of scamming so and so.'s.

i know because I had first hand experience. They are crooked from the top to the bottom.

Search devere UAM Funds locked down- 50 Miliion of client money disappeared. Very interesting reading, people getting shot in Africa, all sorts of goings on.

Very dodgy bunch.

They learn a sales script (search severe sales script (google) which you can read word for word on the internet. its designed to emotionally break you down into handing over money to a 25 year front loaded savings plan where you never earn any money.


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