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deVere group provides a comprehensive training package to all new recruits, turning them into fully qualified financial advisers. Once initial training is complete, deVere recruits will be further mentored and supported at their chosen global office. Working in financial services isn’t for everyone, we find that after initial training 7% of new recruits decide that a career in financial services is not for them. deVere is committed to providing excellent customer service, and as such, we encourage all those who have a genuine query to contact our customer service department by emailing
Dubai, Dubai

i joined as a consultant with all the promises of contacts, money, visa, training, help and make money in the first 3 weeks max etc etc nothing happened. They do not offer any training or help with anything to get you on your way as a new starter

Would not have joined if i was made aware of the lack of the above, it was all false promises/lies all the way through the interview, training and eventually joining

Beware if joining, dont join unless you are happy to loose at least £7000, for hotel, food and living expenses, because you will not get anything from devere as promised etc

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