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With 70,000 active clients around the World, deVere Group prides itself on offering some of the most trusted financial advice available. All consultants receive comprehensive training which not only gives them the industry standard qualifications required to deliver financial advice, but also enables them to accurately determine the goals and aspirations of our clients. deVere strictly adhere to international law, ensuring that all consultants have the correct paper work for the jurisdiction they choose to live and work in.
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

I have been based in the Asia pacific region for a quite a while now and I have sat down with quite a few independent financial advisors.The cherry on the cake came when I agreed to sit down with one of DeVere's financial advisors in Hong Kong.

The advisor in question Charlie Reeves clearly had no idea what he was talking about?. When asking him about several fees and returns on products I later found out that the estimates given to me were nowhere close to reality:. I called Generali to enquire about his "reputation" in Hong Kong and they had never even heard of him,. I checked with the CIB (Confederation of Insurance Brokers) and it turns out he was not registered with them either yet he mentioned being regulated in HK|.

He left me with some information on a structured note?. I was appalled just by the fact that a company would send someone like that to pitch their products,. Furthermore how does the Hong Kong government allow this to happen? Also beware of DeVere after considerate research it turns out they are known worldwide for their pushy sales tactics and high commission earnings,.

They have been kicked out of Singapore and several other countries:.

It is very important to ask them for their CIB registration number and HK ID card/number in order to avoid further confusion when dealing with this company.

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deVere currently have about 70% of their consultants working illegally. No work permits or false permits that they pay under the table for.

If every deVere office was raided you would see the true extent of their boiler room operation. What kind of so called credible company has staff representing them, knowing they are breaking immigration/employment & local tax laws... Basically breaking every law in the book.

Let's Ask Nigel Green on his silly deVere Blog shall we? Nigel, you reportedly have such a close grip of your company, what are the stats Nigel?


When I worked for deVere it took them almost 2 years to give me a work permit. They give fraudulent permits in some Asian countries, this I know because my friend was given one.

He only found out when he went to hand it in to the local authorities after leaving deVere.

Google deVere sales script to see word for word what Charlie Reeves said to you at your meeting... What another eye opener!


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