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There are a few bad reviews about deVere online, most of it undoubtedly by the competition but I am sure at least some of it is from people who have been contacted by deVere. I noticed none of the comments are by actual clients though...

hmmm. Much like stating "the steaks at XXXXX restaurant are terrible, as is the service... I mean I've never had the steak or even been there, I don't even know where they are, for all I know XXXXX could be a sushi restaurant, but they definitely offer the worst steaks ever. I know because I read it once online, plus someone I met once went to another restaurant in the same area and the steak there really was terrible".

That said there very well may be some clients who have had a bad experience, what do you expect with the worlds largest IFA firm. At the end of the day they are humans doing a job, they won't get it right 100% of the time and not all the advisors will be as focused on 'best advice' as they should be even if they are independent. But my comment to you is this, bearing in mind that for large corporations image is VERY important, if deVere are good enough to be the partner of choice for Goldman Sachs (with all their due diligence and compliance requirements), I'm pretty sure they're good enough for you. My experience with Acuma has been excellent.

I have met a few of their advisors and so far they all seem genuine and good willed people. I hope this helps put things in perspective for anyone reading.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Hey Thanks we just started with Acuma, and they seem great... but reading reviews of Devere have got me really worried. Happy to hear you've had a good experience with them


Goldman Sachs - a bank that specialises in Mergers & Aquisitions. And rule breaches.

Why on earth would anyone want them to manage their investment funds?

These exclusive deals that advisory companies forge with institutions are always built around 'volume = higher kick backs.' Typically, the word 'exclusive' is used by the advisory company to big themselves up - truth is that it usually just means 'exclusively expensive.' Structured products - make the advisory company shocking amounts, however, the fall out has already been massive for a number of victims - many cautious clients are licking their wounds after the 'emerging markets note' breached. All very sad for the victim(s).


Seriously? If you take a risk and try a restaurant for yourself at worst you risk a £100 or so and a bad meal.

With an investment, you risk your life savings... Second hand knowledge is the only thing us investors can rely on prior to actual investment. It is pretty insulting to suggest "don't knock it before you try it".

Also, for anyone who doesn't watch the news, Goldman Sachs and "banking scandal" are pretty much synonyms these days.

Even if that were not the case, Goldman Sachs allowing deVere to sell their financial products does not make them "preferred partners", nor is it any kind of exclusive seal of approval. It simply makes deVere one of thousands.


So I take it that you researched every individual you spoke to from Acuma?you established their credibility and credentials and established that everything they had told you was in fact,the truth?NO of course you didn't you *** muppet,grow a pair and stop attempting to appear intelligent.As for the joint ventures you mention,you must really believe everything you read or are told,which leads me back to your original "restaurant comments".Just revisit what you wrote and apply it to a 3rd party and then maybe you will awaken to the smell of freshly ground coffee.

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