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As the most regulated independent financial consultancy in the world, deVere Group strictly adhere to international regulatory laws. By partnering with some of the world’s most respected investment providers, deVere are able to provide clients with trusted financial products helping them to achieve their financial goals and aspirations. Working in financial services can be hard but very rewarding; we provide full training turning our advisers into fully qualified financial planners gaining CISI qualifications.


I have been offered a job with devere and will to be starting in sept 1st which i was happy about untill coming accross some of these comments...

At first i was very aware of the guy taking my interview looked very young and did not really have much to say about the whole company its self but i went to 2 interviews and also took a test which seemed to be very professinal.

I am still not sure i have been offered the job and also been sent the manual which basically says i have to pay for my flights and rent cost for living so this does not seen professibal as most big companys would pay for me to go out there right??

can anyone give me info on this please as i dont want to be taken for a ride im 23 and just finished uni.

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firstly I just want to thank everyone for posting on this site. I received an email today from a HR manager from Devere and did think it was too good to be true.

can I just re-iterate other posts;

IF IT SEEMS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT USUALLY IS!!! do your research and don't be a mug!

Leicester, England, United Kingdom #633144

I too went to a seminar in birmingham job was sold the best job ever over the phone. I left half way through once i found out i would need around 5k first to pay my way there and also try and pay my bills mortgage etc at home as well as try and live out there as well knew it was too good to be true. what a waste of petrol


I have been offered work with Devere Group also, strongly suggest to anyone in the position not to go ahead. If something appears to good to be true it usually is! Don't take the risk..


Judging from your other PissedConsumer complaint about this company, you and the advisers are in Seoul. The company website for "Regency Asset Management Limited" says "Regency is a wholly independent company founded with the specific objective of providing specialist financial planning to the international investor, with particular emphasis on the expatriate community".

The website gives the company address as "Praha City Center, Klimentska 46, 110 02 Praha 1, Czech Republic". The website domain is registered at the same Prague address. "Praha City Center" has its own website and is a large building offering rented office space in Prague. Google "Czech company register", open the links and look for "Regency": there is no company registered in the Czech Republic called Regency Asset Management.

You can presumably contact the authorities in South Korea to find out if the company is properly registered in South Korea and complying with the rules laid down by the South Korean financial regulator.

Your adviser is mentioned in an interview with the other partner in this company on Korea Business Central "From British Embassy Trade Specialist to Financial Advisor to the International Community in Korea". A link to the company website with the Prague address is on that page.

to Reply to Dan Prague, Hlavni Mesto Praha, Czech Republic #628789

@ Reply to Dan,

Yes, you are correct. There is no record of such a firm here in Prague. There is also no record of this firm on the Czech National Bank register which is the regulator.

It is therefore not authorised to give advice here, I cannot comment about other jurisdictions.

Mountain View, California, United States #607596

Buy list of emails in the net, there are reasonably cheap and may help you to reach an incredible number of people in one hit.

Munich, Bavaria, Germany #605715

Dan: let me guess: GEnerali Vision is the plan you were signed up with?

Have you checked what the consumer protection/financial advice laws say about what information has to be disclosed at the place/country you were a resident when signing up? Some people got their money back by taking the hard way with both Generali Vision and the salesperson....



Beware of REGENCY Asset Management and Mark Howarth. Mark comes across as a friendly and experienced financial adviser , however in reality he completely lied to me.

I told him that I am on a 2 year contract and want to save some money before going back to the UK. He tied me in to a 25 year savings plan.

After trying to cancel many months later when I found out I simply lost everything ! Beware...


I am a working for a real asset management company. Some of my colleagues worked at Devere that changed their name from Britex due to fraudulent activities.

They are big time rip off merchants ripping off clients and their own employees.

They pay the worst commissions in the business and apart from the directors everyone hates them. If you are interested in the industry and want to work in a solid honest company feel free to email me I can point you in the right direction


Thank you for helping me avoid this pitfall...


I have just been contact by these people too, If I was perhaps an *** then yes this would be have been of interest: As this is not the case I felt it necessary to point this out to the rest of the people on here that these people are still trying to get people to work for them.

I too have been invited to a seminar in Manchester, being a salesperson myself I can recognise *** when I hear it, suffice to say I shall most certainly not be attending.

I am currently in the process of sending this "consultant" a reply stating that if Devere group pay me x2 months up front salary then I will happily go work for them, if however I find any lying, cheating, stealing or so on I shall most certainly burn the office to the ground with their staff inside.


I'm so glad I found this site after doing some research, I had been invited to a presentation by Devere Group. Reading the horror stories here about the stunts they have pulled I wonder why they haven't been locked up for a long time.

They must be a highly organized criminal gang with friends in the right places. Why did Nigel Green do a runner to Malta recently?


Wow, thank god i did my research. I was also contacted by a chap working for devere in Malta trying to recruit new consultants. I thought it was odd as i do have a strong sales background, but not in the finincial sector. He then proceeded to tell me all about the recruitment process and what happens if i'm succesful. He also told me i will earn a basic salary of £70k plus commision. Alarm bells started ringing as i had already informed him what my current salary is, which is £18k. What kind of muppet would believe they can walk from an £18k job into a £70k job!! What also gave me chills was the fact you need your own money behind you for the move, surely if they were giving you such a high basic salary they would help with the relocation?

So i went snooping around on the internet and found you guys. There is a guy on here (i feel for him) who went through the whole process and got out to his overseas office only to find out that there is no basic, you only earn money when you manage to sell deals. And you have to pay for use of office, paper, phone, and electricity out of your earnings, what kind of professional company makes employees do that? And to sell all these finacial packages with no previous financial experience? As for the packages and products themselves, toxic doesnt even cover them. The culture they seem to breed is one of "we've robbed you blind by making you move here, so you may as well get out there and rob other people to try and make up for it".

So i wont be going to the seminar. I'm glad i trusted my instincts. If something sounds too good to be true it usually means it is.


Staff turnover equal to a small Eastern European Country (hence the never ending recruitment). Self- employed (no matter what bull they say) You pay for flights, accom, office costs ie.

telephone, paper, internet etc (yes it's true). You will be cold calling even though it will be illegal and if you ever get a sale it will be by ripping off some innocent expats life savings and sticking it in one of Nigel Greens (non-disclosed funds)then watching the investment waste away in poor performance and commissions.

However, if you have a bottom-less pit of money to throw away and no morals then its for you!


You would be much better off getting a job at your local tesco store stacking shelves, because you would earn far more money. You wouldn't have to put yourself & your family through emotional turmoil.

This tends to happen when you work for a company like Devere, they promise all but deliver considerably less, if any. Your family will be dragged in on a financial front when you have spent all your money, are in a strange country and no one else to turn to. I have seen this so many time with people coming and going on different levels, experienced first hand.

Do yourself a favor... Don't even think about it anymore.


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