Six months ago, just after Bobo died, my good friend Masie Mcruthers from the Big Bee hair salon introduced me to a lovely gentleman from England called Lawrence Jamieson. He had been doing over her financial affairs and she told me that they had never been in better shape and that I just had to have him.

He was ever so polite and gentleman-like and had a lovely English accent that made him a delight to listen to. He knew everything one could possibly imagine about investments, stocks and bonds and had a degree from Oxford in financial management. All my money, including what Bobo left me, had been gathering dust at the bank and Lawrence told me in no uncertain terms that it needed to be sensibly invested if I was to have a comfortable old age. He said the best choice would be something that I could keep paying into for evermore, and recommended a General Invasion investment plan.

He had given it to Masie too. Since she seemed so happy and is really a very good friend, I decided to follow suit.

I must say that I have no regrets and would recommend Lawrence and his company to anyone.

*** Eubanks, formerly of Omaha

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DeVere Sweat Shops, this is how their offices are run. If you have ever worked in one you will know what I mean. DeVere treat you like slaves, starve you of commission so you can't put any food on the table.. It's slave labor. I've know of consultants that were selling their laptops, even one who sold his passport he was run out of money and so desporate.

DeVere believe that the more destitue you become the hungrier you are to write that next deal, this is why deVere withhold your commissions. It one of their tactics to try & brainwash you. It's not until you step outside the horrible experience that you see it for what it is. Back stabbing is rife, there are always a handful of 'stars' in the office. The 'chosen ones' who get preferential treatment at everyone else's expense.

DeVere are thieves of the highest order, *** that would sell their own granny for a QROPS deal.

What do Britex, deVere & Partners, PIC and Devere Group all have in common?

What do Imperial Consolidated Fund & UAM Fund have in common?

All of the above are or where owned by Nigel Green- deVere Master Scammers!

The 2 listed funds above are locked down with deVere clients money which they probably will never see again. But Nigel Green has bought a new Sunseeker boat or 2 M $ apartment in Monaco. Suckers!!!!


i m now out! lwarence unloked th droor to my roum aand sed he wud giv me a job!

i *** he was jus bringin tiolet paper, but no! i m now a finantial adivser! i get to wear a soot, an lern words lik a bedtim storie an toell it to th rich peple!

they hav to giv me munay, so i sumtims use my deth hold or gurgle grip! the wuns that play nice get the sequagy game wit vasline an...

Edit: Lawrence would like to point out that Ruprecht is still in training but is making good progress towards his CNICI FARQ certificate.


Odd job man from the states, sounds familiar. Bertie used to roll up his sleeves & get his own hands dirty, he was always good like that.

Getting stuck in was his forte!

He was never one to be shy.


Oh ***, your so descriptive. Does this young fellow from England do anything else?

I have some pipes that need a good rodding, ever since my Englebert passed things seemed to have dried up. I need to meet this young man and get a deVere overhaul, maybe this chap can advise me on Bertie's millions.

The deVere General Invasion sounds right up my street. Especially since you mentioned he guaranteed 12'' inches..

Or was it 12%? :eek

to Lordy me #673535

Lawrence is a distinguished older gentleman and, while I am sure he would be delighted to take a look at Bertie's legacy and guarantee a satisfactory growth, I do not believe that he would be willing to crawl around under your sink. But he does have a younger American colleague, Freddy Benson, who is something of a protégée. Being rather more rough and ready, he might be willing to do the occasional odd job.

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