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With a global client base now exceeding 70,000, the majority of new perspective clients come from referrals. We contact these referrals in a professional manner, a manner expected from a company as large as deVere. deVere Group has risen to become the world’s largest IFA due to its professionalism, its customer service and its ability to provide sound financial planning. We take all complaints seriously and strive to rectify any issues as quickly as possible. If you have a genuine complaint, please contact us

I have been hounded by a guy called Tom from the De Vere Financial Group in Dubai who has been calling me for over a year. I have no idea where he got my number from?

I have told him numerous amount of times that I am not interested yet he keeps calling. The last time I told him he was being too pushy and only today he called again I could not be bothered to go through the rigmarole of telling him I was not interesetd yet again so I put the phone down on him because he just does not give up. After talking to a friend she has heard similar stories.

All this from the company CEO Nigel Green who does not agree with cold calling...?

Leave me alone I AM NOT INTERESTED!!!! and if I was I certainly would NOT use DeVere Dubai...

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