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I had an investment at a UK based "investment company", but due to several administrative problems I could not retrieve the money. I asked deVere to help, but it took them more than a year to understand what the inquiry was about.

Then they sent me a sample (!!!) of the bulletin that the investment company issued, signed by the marketing manager (!!!) that something went wrong and almost all of my investment was lost. I told deVere that it was not right and may it be legal it is not ethical for sure and I feel robbed. From that time the representative at deVere behaved like a high school drama queen and felt it as a personal attack that I said so about this other company. Was it not his task to represent my interest?

Why is he defending this other company?

And also each of his e-mails started with the word "Incorrect" - that is what I would be in his opinion. But he never understood one single sentence or inquiry I addressed him. He always went whining about how hurt he was - like a little girl from kindergarten. So finally I gave him some advice on what kind of attitude to develop if he wants to be successful in the financial world.

His answer was: I am silly... No comment.

And you wonder why some many has lost their trust in the financial advisors.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Well I had at least 7 Advisors in Germany for a short period of time which ultimately resulted in my

painful decision to give up, losing half of my Investment.

Incompetence (very diplomatic) at it's best!


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