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Devere Unsolicited Calls - STOP USING LINKEDIN AS YOUR TELEPHONE BOOK | Devere Group review from London, England

Dear Mr.Gibbs,

As a company, we consistently strive to reach the high standards for our clients. However, we understand that issues may arise and we are always very willing to clear up any queries or complaints our clients may have. Kindly confirm whether you would like our Client Services team to contact you directly to discuss the matter.

deVere Group
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Unsolicited Calls, Using LinkedIn for Sales
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Let the company propose a solution


I'm on Linked in as are many millions of others.

Like many millions of others I have moved around due to my senior roles; this is demonstrated by my role locations in my profile.

Every week I seek your people stalking my profile.

Devere - This does NOT give you the right to screen my profile, obtain my details and then continue to call every 2 weeks asking about where my pension is - I know you are doing this to many others.

I've been polite 30 times and explained NO and asked for you to remove me from your lists...only to find a different person then calling me a week later.

Completely Unprofessional. I will be speaking with LinkedIn about your practices including obtaining contact information & asking for your company to have access removed

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Strategic Growth (sic) Fund fiasco | Devere Group review from Guildford, England

Dear Mr.James,

Please send over your details and complaint to Andre Vorster so he can assist you further. Once received, we can assure you that it will receive his urgent attention.
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  • Assistance by nathan lennox
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Poor customer service
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Let the company propose a solution
  • Strategic Growth Fund Scam

Like many UK citizens living in South Africa around 2009/10 I was persuaded by DeVere SA (Tim Sant) to transfer my UK pension funds into an off-shore QROPS account. A significant portion of this was deposited into the now defunct Strategic Growth Fund. I am still paying fees as if the fund is still growing, which, as the fees are far more than the residual growth, will ultimately deplete the total value of my investment.

I have read various press articles about the SG fund fraud and dodgy dealings of DeVere executives in South Africa, and now read that, unsurprisingly, there are no recoverable assets from the Fund. To be honest I would like just to draw what little I have left in the two remaining small QROPS deposits.

My contact at DeVere in South Africa was Richard Pretorius, who no longer replies to emails. I spoke to Nathan Lennox at DeVere UK who was very helpful and explained the details of the issue around the SG fund, but which in effect was 'your f**cked!' It was not worth his while to deal with such a relatively small investment.

I will try to contact the Sovereign Trust in Guernsey directly, where my funds are managed, but not being in any way financially savvy, it would be nice if DeVere were to offer some final assistance for an unhappy former customer in order to close this sorry affair. Ian James

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Devere & partners / Generali | Devere Group review from London, England

deVere Group prides itself in providing expert and personalised financial advice to clients around the world.

As one of the world’s leading independent financial services organisations, deVere Group does not directly deal with clients’ money but only provides the best possible financial advice to suit your needs. Therefore, only Generali would receive money directly from a client for their investment.

Having gone through our records, we have been unable to locate your details. However, you are more than welcome to contact our dedicated client relations team and provide them with your Generali policy number for reference so that we may try to resolve your issues.
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Generali Worldwide Vision Retirement Plan
  • Being lied to
  • Being scammed out of 11600 euros
Reason of review
Bad quality
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Full refund
  • devere scammers
  • deVere London
  • Generali international scams fraud

I was scammed out of several thousands of euros by Devere & Partners, who sold me a so-called Generali Policy. This happened as far back as 2010.

I know that there are literally thousands of people who have fallen prey to this scam. The problem is: a lot of people seem to want to TALK about it; but nobody is interested in actually doing anything about it. I went as far as hiring a lawyer, who was based in London (UK). Mainly because that's where DeVere was when they stole my money!

My lawyer understood my situation, but he advised me that to let it go, because: the legal fees alone would exceed the money which Generali had stolen from me. His advice: find as many people as you can, who were also scammed, and organize ourselves into a group. Then, launch a legal battle. I have been searching for anyone who is interested in taking this matter further.

But, so far, have not found anyone with the balls to get up and fight these animals! As in: launching a legal attack on Generali and somehow getting back the money they stole from us.

!! If anyone is serious about getting together to hire a lawyer, here's my email:

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