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All our consultants are fully qualified wealth professionals with internationally recognised qualifications. Our clients, now numbering over 80,000, have continued to enjoy bank beating returns. Investing does bring an element of risk, some markets rise and some markets dip. Our fully qualified consultants are careful to explain all the risks and are always available to guide and advise you so that you can reach your financial goals. Please note, the person named in your complaint does not work for us.

Could Devere please explain how you can employ someone in Moscow who is in a huge amount if debt in the UK which he ignores and goes on to advice people (untrained) how to invest their money? This man took money from me (£10,000) to set up in Moscow .

He is a compulsive liar with no financial training at all to get the job he had to learn a script !!

I have contacted Devere many times to question this and got no reply - I am looking at other options as I believe people should be aware they are putting their trust and money into the hands of a conman - Mike Tubbritt please don't trust this man - he has stole money off myself and his parents !!!! Conman

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