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Our client base has continued to grow globally due to the bank busting returns we provide clients with. Being the world’s most regulated IFA, our advisers are fully qualified to administer the world class service we have become known for. As
a broker we deal with respected life companies and fund managers. All client money is invested directly with them. Please view our press release section on our website to see the high level of returns our clients regularly receive.
Johannesburg, Gauteng

They are the biggest lying **** on earth. If they call you put down and run!!!

If it is in South Africa or anywhere in AFRICA leave these people to go bankrupt!! They will lie and cheat their ways into taking your money. I have dealt with them on numerous occasions and me being a professional myself makes me sick to even know why these guys exist.

I have met with their so called advisors and let me tell you what a bunch of idiots. If someone wants to take $1000000 from you and cannot answer questions correctly makes me wonder.

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