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Dear Mr.Gibbs,

As a company, we consistently strive to reach the high standards for our clients. However, we understand that issues may arise and we are always very willing to clear up any queries or complaints our clients may have. Kindly confirm whether you would like our Client Services team to contact you directly to discuss the matter.

deVere Group
London, England


I'm on Linked in as are many millions of others.

Like many millions of others I have moved around due to my senior roles; this is demonstrated by my role locations in my profile.

Every week I seek your people stalking my profile.

Devere - This does NOT give you the right to screen my profile, obtain my details and then continue to call every 2 weeks asking about where my pension is - I know you are doing this to many others.

I've been polite 30 times and explained NO and asked for you to remove me from your lists...only to find a different person then calling me a week later.

Completely Unprofessional. I will be speaking with LinkedIn about your practices including obtaining contact information & asking for your company to have access removed

Reason of review: Unsolicited Calls, Using LinkedIn for Sales.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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