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Bangkok, Krung Thep

I am an ex-employee of deVere and as such know EVERYTHING about their Structure, mis-selling, *** associations with the Companies they put Clients money through, the 100's of millions of money they have illegally stolen from Clients etc. I have a great amount of hard evidence and a London based and Swiss based 'Whistle-blowers', who I will use to ensure I bring down deVere and ALL associated Companies.

I ask all of those that have posted blogs on this website, whether it be as an ex-employee or a disgruntled Client to send me details of your complaint to my email address:

I have contacts with the FSA in London and SEC in New York, and what I am looking for is as much evidence and support as I can get from the 1,000's of you out there.

Now I am retired, I am ***-bent and totally committed to bringing to justice Nigel Green and his corrupt empire.

This is by no means a solicitation for business, but if anyone is interested in understanding how to extricate themselves from deVere, I can point you to people who can help you. deVere are very good at telling lies about the penalties you will incur by transferring your Investments to Regulated and honest professional Institutions, who will give you 100% accurate information and help you achieve what you wish.

I ultimately want all of you to join me so we can collectively put to rights deVere, and ultimately, take legal action collectively to sue deVere and claim damages for all of you.

I appreciate all help, and will offer help in return should you wish.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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I'm confused as deVere work with some of the biggest and financially robust financial institutions in the world in well regulated, good credit rated jurisdictions. deVere are an intermediary so do not hold your money.

If you have a problem with institutions that have been around for a 100 years and are listed as bigger than 'Apple' in some cases and have more money than the US government then you are a strange person.

I agree with you it is possible you may not get on with every IFA but I get on great with mine at deVere and am much better of for it. It's sounds to me like you want to solicit business my friend which is tacky and if it is true you are retired and couldn't care less about soliciting business how sad are you to dedicate your time to writing false blogs?

to jj72 #657754

You are obviously someone who works for deVere & are being paid to write blogs about these theives.

Can you answer 2 questions?

1. Why has deVere's (Nigel Green's) own UAM Fund just been frozen with $50,000,000 of deVere client money inside?

2. Why were deVere KICKED OUT of Belguim by the Regulators?


Add these people to the list of bastards at DeVere:

- Malcolm McDowell - one of the pushiest of all "advisors" of devere

- Halligan, Deirdre

- Rebecca Baldacchino

- Nathalie Bellizzi

- Ione Bezzina

- Rochelle Camilleri

- James Rawson - he was not there for long

- Siffat Shah


I was cold called by these punks, did my research 1st. Thanks to all contributions on this site, I've seen the light.


Everything this poster has said is true. How do I know, because I work for them.


Did you know Bangkok & Vietnam Devere & Partners has expanded to include Manila office in their portfolio. Any one in the Philippines reading this should tread very carefully as these people are relentless in their quest for the fast buck.

You will see your hard earned pension plummet in value as they are told to put your hard earned in to Valis funds which Nigel Green gets extra commissions on.

The adviser gets 3% on fund selection for this, six months later they'll tell you in needs changing again. Guess what they get paid more commissions, it's like playing Russian roulette with peoples pensions.


i have been offered a job with devere also,after reading this ive been in touch with globaleye also....anyone know any bad things about them?


Amazing how far a person will go to try a destroy another, just because they cannot accept their own failures. I can quite easily disgrace any company in the world on hearsay, where is your factual evidence to back up your claims?


I worked for these guys in BKK, it was hard, I didn't make it but it was my own fault cos instead of going to meetings and talking to people I would just send them my great looking CV. I was the only one who thought this was great cos I never wrote any business.

I then decided to trawl soi 23 and find the answers in a bottle, then I was chatted up by 2 ladyboys who invited me back to their room (it had a fan).

We had great funband I realized I wanted to be a ladyboy, if I had a sex change I could get my old job back :-) nobody would know who I was.. I decided to call myself Pauline... This story is to be continued.


Sounds like you have a real axe to grind buddy. Why didn't you put your real name to this if what your saying is true you have nothing to hide right?

Reality was you were too busy trawling red light districts looking for ladyboys till 5.00am which is which is why you failed miserably. If you want to blame someone go and take a long hard look in the mirror, sure you'll find the answer there. Erhhhhhh..... Maybe it'll take some time to sink in...

Grow up, get a life, move on & stop being a silly vengeful little man.


Thank heavens I read all this stuff before becoming involved with deVere. I have just sent my cv to these guys and got a positive response.

That is as far as I am taking it.

Thanks again everyone and the very best of luck to you.


I hear Bernie Madoff is to play disgraced financier Nigel Green?


You seem to have a vendetta against this man Brett can you inform us why?


They miss sell products and change fund also to gain commission for the advisor to gain commission which is illegal.

Maybe the taxman should visit and check all employers earnings, as the Spain manager Andrew Oliver does not declare all his income i have proof if anyone wants it. He also sleeps with his staff

DXB client

We have been going through a complaints procedure with DeVere for the past 3 months. We are based in Dubai and totally frustrated that, due to lack of a regulatory body here, we may never seen our hard earned cash again.

We are considering legal action and would very much like any information anyone has success stories or oherwise.

We would be very happy to join a legal group with our case, and have some quite damning email communication, but I think we'd have to proceed with that out here. There are so many unhappy clients (ex clients)here.


i never join it.i 'm save


funny now with deVere and their news feed that when you look up on google deVere scam this website no longer comes up on the first page.

Good work deVere but you can not hide the truth for ever


I have been offered a position, Advising Dubi best place to make money etc.. Supposed to be going to Malta for training. Guess this not a good idea


When DV claims to have alliances with major names like JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, RBS, etc. (as claimed in press releases or on the DV site) are these alliances genuine or they just for show?

How many of the funds listed on the DV site are actually available to clients (e.g. if a client says they want to invest in a certain UBS fund, is that where their money goes)?

What proportion of clients' money goes towards funds in which DV's management have an interest and which funds are they?


If you have bought a fund through the devere fund platform then you should ring up the investment house and check that they are aware of your purchase. Craig featherby from devere south africa and his team have been selling structured products with known banks that mature in a period of 5 years. your money looks totally safe. here is the twist....... the investment is owned by devere and not you and devere are using the money for working capital. Your statements will look great but they are not your statements.

If you have took out one of these structured products then you should check directly with the fund company that they are even aware you exist. (if it was with a bank).

If the investment was with a fund house then you might want to dig a little deeper, Devere own a number of funds that on paper look great but they are what we call boiler room enterprises. the fund you are buying in to is actually just deveres bank account.

I worked for devere, why do i tell you the secrets, because they have gone to far with the recklessness


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