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As the most regulated independent financial consultancy in the world, deVere Group strictly adhere to international regulatory laws. By partnering with some of the world’s most respected investment providers, deVere are able to provide clients with trusted financial products helping them to achieve their financial goals and aspirations. Working in financial services can be hard but very rewarding; we provide full training turning our advisers into fully qualified financial planners gaining CISI qualifications.
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A Boiler Room Scam is a type of malicious business activity where a "˜company' uses high-pressure sales techniques to sell "˜sure thing' investments with the promise of massive returns, (sounds just like a company we all know).

A Boiler Room Scam can look and sound totally legitimate, as they typically mention companies that one can easily relate to. They also provide their UK address or telephone number, and a professional-looking website is a must.

They are also usually notoriously persistent, and can even chase a victim for months in the hope of a sale. What they will be selling is predominately very costly FRONT END policies in often quoted companies.

Boiler Room Scam operators generally cold-call their targets, (sound familiar) using phone numbers from publicly available shareholder lists or LinkedIn. Since it is against the law for investors to cold-call in the UK, they tend to be based abroad (this is where devere are so active abroad), where they are beyond the jurisdiction of the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Quite simply, they will approach anyone, anywhere at anytime.

The deVere Group conducts their business in similar fashion to above mentioned, they will continue to make sure that all the deVere clients are well & truly stitched up so they have no surplus money to invest with any other company.

As a general rule, remember that if an opportunity sounds too good to be true, then it almost certainly is.

If you think you may have been targeted by said company, you should contact the FSA (immediately),contact centre on +44(0) 84* 606 *234. You may also find more information about Boiler Rooms Scams on the FSA website There are many other reliable search engines (goggle) this shows different countries they've been thrown out of for operating without proper licences, no work permits etc. Complaints are rampant.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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Senior Wealth Manager at DeVere Limassol is having an affair with his co-ordinator. Dirty Dog!!


I heard that aswell and she is half his age. I think i am 1 of his clients. Its absolutely disgusting


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Nick Cook (Paris)

I have worked for PIC in Dubai, UAE now for 4 months. Since moving to Dubai to the company, I have had an in ... Read more

Nicky Heffernan (Dubai)

I started with deVere in November of 2009 and currently work in the Cape Town Office as one of the senior consultan ... Read more

Nicole Fannin (Cape Town)

I started at deVere soon after the company came to grace the shores of Africa with a permanent presence at the end ... Read more

Niel Pretorious (Zambia)

I’ve been working for deVere for a while now. Since then, I have been very pleased with the level of caring, profes ... Read more

Norma Rivas (Madrid)

I started my career with deVere early 2009 and although the first few months were very challenging I have grown and ... Read more

Olaf Schroder (Mauritius)

I have been working for deVere Group in Geneva for over two years as a business coordinator, training to be a finan ... Read more

Oliver Prosser (Geneva)

Even though I am still considered a new consultant in the office of Athens, I would like to share with you my thoug ... Read more

Panos Filalithis (Athens)

I've been with deVere Cyprus for six weeks and in that time I've experienced a great deal of support from all my co ... Read more

Pari Nicola (Limassol)

I started working with deVere in the Barcelona office in 2012. Before arriving, I was in regular contact with my m ... Read more

Patrick Hall, Consultant, Barcelona

Since arriving in Barcelona eighteen months ago there have been ups and, of course, downs. To say the job of a coor ... Read more

Patrick Synge (Barcelona)

I have been working for deVere in the Hamburg office for three months now, and have thoroughly enjoyed my time so f ... Read more

Patrick Threlfall (Hamburg)

It is a great and rare privilege to work within such a young, dynamic, growing and future focused global financial ... Read more

Paul Dodds (Geneva)

I have been working for deVere Group for the past 2 years. I work in the Thailand branch where I have found that it ... Read more

Paul Flynn (Pattaya, Thailand)

I have worked for the deVere Group for over four years as Senior Wealth Manager in the Western Europe. I can honest ... Read more

Paul Rhodes (Frankfurt)

My time with deVere has been brief yet a very intriguing journey as of yet. My introduction to the team was invitin ... Read more

Perry Frampton (Hamburg)

I have been working as a coordinator in Brussels for over seven years now and I still feel the thrill of booking a ... Read more

Peter Clayton (Brussels)

I started with the deVere Group in Marbella on the 9th April and the first few months have absolutely flown by. It ... Read more

Quentin Sellar (Marbella)

I work in the Dubai office as a coordinator. I’ve been here for less than a month and have received support in leap ... Read more

Ray Verma (Dubai)

I have been working in Basel & Berne for almost a year now, and I can honestly say I have had an amazing time since ... Read more

Reece Jackson (Basel & Berne)

When I finished university all I wanted to do was come back to Zimbabwe. Everyone told me I should travel to a firs ... Read more

Renee Connolly (Harare)

What I love about deVere is its training and seminar programs which provide me with knowledge that can be used fore ... Read more

Reyhan Surel (Geneva)

Since starting with deVere in Johannesburg, South Africa, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how welcoming and suppo ... Read more

Rian Bronman (South Africa)

I had retired from my role as COO of a plc in financial fervices when a Mike Coady; the then regional manager for W ... Read more

Richard Bayle (Toulouse)

I currently work for deVere in Johannesburg, this has been a fantastic opportunity for me, one which I feel I have ... Read more

Richard Huntley (Johannesburg)

Having worked in Basel for over two years, the deVere Group has provided an unparalleled experience to further my c ... Read more

Richard Major (Basel & Berne)

I have worked for deVere in Marbella for the last two years. The move to deVere allowed me to fulfil a dream of liv ... Read more

Richard Mills (Marbella)

My name is Richard Pretorius and I work as a consultant in the Johannesburg office in South Africa. I thrive upon c ... Read more

Richard Pretorius Johannesburg

I have been with deVere for three years now, having initially worked in Basel in Switzerland before moving to the L ... Read more

Robert Fisher (London)

I work in the Dubai office of P.I.C as a financial consultant. I have been with the company for just short of thre ... Read more

Robert Mceown (Dubai)

My name is Robson Arufandika and I’m a consultant at the Botswana office in the Africa region. I joined deVere in N ... Read more

Robson Arufandika (Botswana)

I have been working at the Botswana office since September 2009 to date. It has been an interesting journey and I h ... Read more

Ronel Cameron (Botswana)

Working for deVere has indeed been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my working career. Although I am s ... Read more

Rudi Andersen (Durban,South Africa)

I have worked for the deVere Marbella office for over a year now. I have seen some big changes along the way with r ... Read more

Russell Brooker (Marbella)

I joined the deVere team in Durban about a year back and feel I am continuously improving my people skills and sell ... Read more

Ryan Fleming (Durban)

I have worked in the Frankfurt, Germany office for the past three years. This has been the first time I ever moved ... Read more

Sajan Chugani (Frankfurt)

I joined deVere back in March 2008. I started in Cape Town but have been in Gaborone, Botswana since July 2009.

Read more

Sam Bowen (Botswana)

While working in the deVere Marbella office; since January 2012 I have been through a steep learning curve. The deV ... Read more

Sami Monsur (Marbella)

After working in sales in the UK I heard about deVere through an old work colleague. I started the recruitment proc ... Read more

Samuel Howat (South Africa)

I have been working for deVere Group Brussels for eight months now, and I have had so far both an enjoyable and dev ... Read more

Scott Smith (Brussels)

Wow, what an amazing year it has been for me. After a long and very successful career, working for HSBC Bank in the ... Read more

Shahzad Latif (Prague)

The past five months I have been working for the deVere Group, and it has been a milestone in my life. I work as a ... Read more

Shakhil Islam (Frankfurt)

I work from the Harare office in Zimbabwe and have been here since the opening of the office in 2010. I was origina ... Read more

Shane Helberg (Harare)

I joined the Cape Town team on the 2nd July 2012. What impressed me immediately was the focus on performance excell ... Read more

Shane McDuling (Cape Town, South Africa)

Working as a co-ordinator at deVere has given me the chance to live in Mauritius and continue my life’s theme of li ... Read more

Sharon Walding (Mauritius)

If at the start of 2009 you would have told me that within the next three years you will have worked in Russia, Pol ... Read more

Simon Byrne (Lisbon)

My name is Sjaan Lindsay and I work in the Harare, Zimbabwe office as a co-ordinator. I am born and bred Zimbabwea ... Read more

Sjaan Lindsay (Harare)

A year has flown past since I arrived in Zurich and working as a business coordinator with deVere Group has been a ... Read more

Sophia Awan (Zurich)

In a couple of weeks I will have been in Zurich for one year, where did that time go, it seems only yesterday that ... Read more

Spencer Freeman-Haynes (Zurich)

Since I started working at deVere only two years ago I have learned more about myself and my chosen profession than ... Read more

Stephen Boyce (Hamburg)

I guess if you are reading this you are considering the opportunity of pursuing a career with the deVere Group in o ... Read more

Stephen Gibson (Abu Dhabi)

I have worked for the deVere Group for 3 years. I love the freedom and opportunity the deVere Group gives me to gro ... Read more

Steven Cowans, Area Manager, Brussels

I have now been working for deVere for slightly over two years in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I have been involved in fi ... Read more

Stewart Brockett (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

I only arrived in the Toulouse office last Monday (July 23rd) but from my very limited experience so far, Richard a ... Read more

Stuart Blake (Toulouse)

I have worked for the deVere Group for over four years, and have grown successful and developed into a driven i ... Read more

Stuart Holmes (Zurich)

Having spent over twenty five years working in the financial markets for some of the world’s top investment banks, ... Read more

Stuart Nelson (Geneva)

I have been working in the Marbella office at deVere Group in Spain for the last year and a half. Initially I ente ... Read more

Susan Price (Marbella)

I have worked for the deVere Group for fifteen months. I began working in the Malta office last year, where ... Read more

Tamara Cefai (Mauritius)

I work in the Limassol office in Cyprus. I have currently been with the company for six months and am enjoying ever ... Read more

Tamzyn Du Toit (Limassol)

My name is Tanyaradzwa Mushipe, I am an administrator in the Harare, Zimbabwe office. Since I have joined deVere I ... Read more

Tanyaradzwa Mushipe (Harare)

After leaving the UK in 2004 and arriving in the deVere Group Hong Kong office I have never looked back as they say ... Read more

Tariq Mirza (Hong Kong)

It is a year today since I have moved to Geneva to work for the deVere Group, the experience has been great and the ... Read more

Telma Correia (Geneva)

Having worked for deVere in Geneva for almost three years, I can reflect on a hugely positive three years for both ... Read more

Tim Hinchliffe (Geneva)

I have been with deVere for three years now and work in the ASEAN region. The training and guidance I have received ... Read more

Tina Hanlon (Vietnam)

I have been working with deVere for 4 years now. I was working in financial servicesin London but felt that my job ... Read more

Toby Williams, Area Manager, Pattaya

I’ve been working in Dubai for deVere for three years now. Working for the company has been exceptional and I have ... Read more

Tom Austin (Dubai)

I joined deVere in October 2011 having been contacted from a recruitment advert on Total Jobs. Initially I had no s ... Read more

Tom Sloane (Durban,South Africa)

I work for P.I.C. in Dubai and have worked for the company for three months now. Since I arrived in Dubai I have ha ... Read more

Toni Hughes (Dubai)

I started working for the company in January 2005 in Tokyo and since then I have never looked back. Working for deV ... Read more

Tony Evans (Shangai)

I have really enjoyed my 18 months with the deVere Group and am currently working in Costa Blanca, Spain having pre ... Read more

Tony Gardiner (Costa Blanca)

I joined the deVere Group in October 2009 working out of the Geneva Office in Switzerland. The most appealing initi ... Read more

Tony Williams (Geneva)

I moved to Spain from the UK in September 2011 with my husband Paul, without a job. I had previously worked in the ... Read more

Tracy Hardy (Marbella)

Working for deVere has been life changing and also an eye-opener for me and one of the best decisions that I have m ... Read more

Trevor Potgieter (Durban)

I joined deVere UK in 2009 to be part of a team of great professional advisers. I have to say that at the beginning ... Read more

Tuija Takieddine (London)

I am currently working in the Gauteng region of South Africa, after having worked in the flagship Western African o ... Read more

Vernita Gouws (Gauteng)

I have worked for deVere in London since I graduated from university three years ago. I started my career with deVe ... Read more

Victoria Hames (London)

I work at the Botswana deVere group office and it has been a pleasure being here. It’s a friendly yet very competit ... Read more

Wedu B. Mudongo (Africa)

I have been working for deVere for over three years, during this time the company has taken me from an inexperience ... Read more

William Fryer (London)

I had a couple of choices 4 years ago, early retirement or pick up a new challenge – I chose the latter! In doing s ... Read more

William Offen, Area Manager, Algarve

I have nothing but good things to say about the company I work for. I work in the Brussels office under the guidanc ... Read more

William Swain (Brussels)

I started working for deVere in January 2012. deVere gave me the opportunity to choose where I was to be posted and ... Read more

Xisco McGrath (Thailand)

I have been working as a Coordinator in the Zurich office for just under four months now. I’ve had the pleasure of ... Read more

Yasmin Adan (Zurich)